Aghanistan: Spanish TV publishes video of terrorist attack against Spanish troops

(Translation: T&P).

Antena3 news services have released exclusive images of the terrorist attack against Spanish base in Afghanistan in which two Civil Guards and their interpreter were killed. In them we can watch, for the first time, how the attack happened on last August 25th in Qala-i-Naw.

The Taliban terrorist, driver of the Afghan military and member of the police force, shot against all the Spanish men he encountered before being shot down by soldiers who arrived at the scene after hearing the shooting.

At 9 o’clock am (local time), inside the old base at Qala-i-Naw, the man at the door post heard some shots and saw the impact of a bullet. He didn’t know it yet, but a terrorist had already killed the two Civil Guards and a Spanish interpreter (a Spanish national of Iranian origins who belonged to the Bah’ai faith). 

The soldier looked around to see what was happenning. Suprisingly, he was confronted by the killer, who tried to flee through the main gate of the base. He was still carrying the Kalashnikov’s rifle he had used to kill. And he wanted to continue killing. 

He shot again to the vigilance post, but nobody was there, fortunately. Spanish soldiers run after him and he was surrounded. The terrorist -a Taliban working for the Afghan police- fell dead in the street. He remained there till Spanish soldiers checked what has happened and reported on the situation.

After some minutes, a convoy exited the base abruptly. They were evacuating the badly hurt men to the Spanish campaign hospital, hoping their lifes could be saved. In the base’s entry, we can see the killer’s corpse, after being dragged inside by Spanish soldiers. 

Four people have already been arrested in connection with this attack. The member of the Afghan police force had connections with the Talibans. In fact, Ghulan Shakhi, the man who shot them, was arrested and disarmed last year, after it was discovered that he was linked to the Talibans. But after that, he was released and he entered the police force. He was also brother-in-law to one of the most known terrorist in the area.
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