Spain: Nightclub "Mecca" of Águilas (Murcia) reopens, gets threats by Jihadists, changes its name…

(Translation: T&P)

“Spain is again in the line of fire of international Jihadism [NOTE: has Spain been sometime exempted from it?]. And truly. In the last 4 weeks the services of Information and Inteligence of the Ministries of Interior and Defense have reported on the important rise in the number threats made by radical groups against Spain in the main Internet websites linked to Al-Qaeda.

The last Jihadist net offensive was made last Wednesday: the radicals call for a boycott and to fight Spain after knowing that in Águilas a nightclub named “Mecca” was re-opened last June. Jihadists, even, threat with a great war between Spain and Islam’s people.

Experts from the Intelligence National Center and from the General Information Police Station consider that the net offensive has followed a growing path, reaching levels unknown since March 11th, 2004 bombings. Specially, they point to the recent threats made by the Jihadist web Atahadi Islamic Network, one of the most influential in the world. The web began to publish these kind of articles about Spain, after the frontier crisis in Melilla last August. The call of the “crusaders” (NOTE: well, of the Jihadist crusaders, if that can be concieved) to recover the two Autonomous cities, have evolved in other websites to threat Spanish presence in Afghanistan. Those same websites have relighted criticism after the murder of two Civil Guards and a translator on August 25th in the Spanish base at Qala-i-naw (NOTE: because as we all know, if someone kills you, you are the culprit, not the murderer. The victim was just in the line of the bullets…).

Spain has been under the scoop in these websites after the liberation of two Catalan voluntary workers kidnapped by the Maghrebi branch of Al-Qaeda (AQIM) or after Aznar’s visit to Jerusalem. This last week Jihadist comments against Spain have boosted even more after the arrest of Moroccan Faiçal Errai last August 26th, the administrator of “Ansar Al Muyaihidin Network”, a very well-known website among Islamic radicals throughout the world. Errai’s arrest and imprisonment -according to Intelligence sources- even caused the publication in those websites of the list of nuclear power stations in Spain.

And now, the campaign against the reopening of the nightclub, called La Meca (The Mecca). The threatening campaign has spread outside of Jihadist websites and videos against Spain have began appearing in massive channels like YouTube. In one of these recordings, they call for the boycott against Spanish interests while the Qu’ran’s Al-Hajj Sura is reproduced. The famous sura comes under the title of “Licence to fight” and it calls for the “demolition” of every “sacred place” where “God is named in vain“. In only four days, some of those videos, in Arab, French and English, have been viewed by a thousand people (NOTE: nothing compared to Lady Gaga…).

The jihadist campaign against La Meca happens at the same time in which the self-called “North Morrocan Civil Society Organization” (the same organization that called the protesters to block the Spain-Morocco frontier in Melilla last August) has written to the ulemas (doctors and scholars on Islamic law) to find out what is the relationship between PP (center-right party) and the Islamic associations of Ceuta and Melilla, “specially because this party promoted and authorised the name of “La Meca” to a nightclub in a beach city in Murcia, ruled by this extremist party“. 

As a result, there have been only internet threats against the nightclub and an attack to its official website. The website was hacked by a fundamentalist, who demands immediately the nightclub’s name is changed, warning that, if his demands are not met, there will be “a great war between Spain and the world of Islam“. The pirate, who announces new hackings, says that the nightclub’s name has “attacked the heart of all the Muslims in the world“.

Well, this would be called the “Disco War”, wouldn’t it? But instead of fighting with weapons, the brainless pirate will have to dance “Saturday Night Fever” in the nightclub… 
Err. No.
The nighclub, one of the most famous in the area in 80s and the 90s… with that same name, belongs to, among others, Spanish football player Santiago Cañizares (ex-goalkeeper). There will be a press conference on Friday between the owners and the Islamic community representatives. Meanwhile, they have asked the clients to suggest new names for the nightclub.

Unfortunately, the owners have already changed its name….


One comment on “Spain: Nightclub "Mecca" of Águilas (Murcia) reopens, gets threats by Jihadists, changes its name…

  1. Harry Bartlett says:

    I have lots of photographs of this club in a vandalised condition, from a few years ago, & was very interested in it, & thought it was such a shame, that such a magnificient club should be left to end up like it was, with its large balconies, pool bars, stages,(inside &out)i have since found out that it is back to it’s former glory, can anyone tell me what its new name is please.
    Many many thanks, from a british truck driver named Harry, who stumbled accross it whist collecting produce from Aguilas.

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