Malaysia: Islamic party says veil ban could spark terrorism

Malaysia Islamic party says veil ban could spark terrorism < French news | Expatica France:

“Malaysia’s Islamic opposition party said Wednesday that a vote by French lawmakers to outlaw the full-face veil had angered Muslims and could trigger terrorist attacks.

The Pan-Malaysia Islamic Party (PAS) said France should adopt a path of engagement with Muslims instead of introducing the controversial bill.

‘It will widen the efforts of many organisations to narrow the gap between the Western and Islamic world,’ PAS deputy president Nasaruddin Mat Isa told a press conference.

We hope it will not spark further terror activities. The French move has sparked anger around the Islamic world.’

Nasaruddin said the ban violated individual rights, and that Muslim women should be allowed to wear what they want in France, just as non-Muslim French women are permitted to dress as they wish in Muslim-majority Malaysia.

‘They can come here and wear their bikinis,’ he said.

PAS lawmaker Hatta Ramli said he did not accept arguments that the burqa — a full-body covering with a mesh over the face, and the niqab, a full-face veil that leaves an opening for the eyes — suppress women’s rights.

‘I don’t think that holds water,’ he said.”

Yeah, a bikini is just the same as a burqa. So, if the burqa is so good, why these men don’t use it? Because Muslim men can’t be distinguish from a non-Muslim men in beaches and swimming-pools, while Muslim women are really quite distinguishable.

Senate Overwhelmingly Approves Ban on Muslim full-body robes; Eiffel Tower Evacuated.

Sarkozy’s UMP studies burqa’s prohibition in public places.
Moving closer to banning the full veil.
Curb on veil in Egypt, backed by Islamic clerics.
French opposition takes stand against burqa ban.


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