Iran: Woman’s stoning put on hold


“The sentencing of Ms. Ashtiani for adultery has been stopped and (her case) is being reviewed again, and her sentencing for complicity in murder is in process,” Mehmanparast, Iranian FM spokesman has said.

Her first lawyer fled to Turkey where he was informed that he could take refuge in Norway and that he wasn’t going to be extradited back to Iran. He also accused Iranian authorities of arresting his wife to make him return to Iran and being able to arrest him too.

But there is more:

…to add injury to barbarism, Ashtiani’s lawyer confirms that his client was whipped with 99 lashes for “spreading corruption and indecency” because a photo of a woman without a headscarf pictured in the Times of London was mistakenly identified as her.

The terms of the punishment’s suspension are not yet known.

Recently, Carla Bruni was attacked because of her support of Ms. Ashtiani. Another episode which shows the deep hypocrysy of Iranian rulers, as facts show:

When I read the Kayhan (the newspaper that insulted Carla Bruni calling her a “prostitute”) comments, I laughed out loud. The men whose views this newspaper reflects are fanatic members of the Iranian society and are by no means a majority. Many of them have multiple wives, some of whom are underage children who have been forced into having sexual relations with men many times their age. I was one of those underage brides. In Iran there is something called “sigheh,” which is a temporary marriage. In sigheh, a man marries a woman for a limited amount of time, which can be from minutes to years. The marriage ends automatically as soon as the time expires, and the woman has absolutely no rights. Men are allowed to have as many sigheh wives as they wish. If the Iranian authorities believe that Bruni is a prostitute, then what should we call the men who rape underage girls without a second thought, get away with it, and are even encouraged by Iranian law?

A pertinent question that Iranian authorities are not going to answer.


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