Egypt: Trial of Naga Hammadi murderers delayed again

Media and NGOs report on a further delay of the trial of three suspects are charged with murder in the January 6, 2010 attack in Naga Hammadi on Coptic Christmas Eve, after their Christian worship services. The trial has been postponed to May 16, 2010. This is the second trial delay, the last trial delay postponed the trial to mid-April.


Background: here and here.

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2 comments on “Egypt: Trial of Naga Hammadi murderers delayed again

  1. MK says:

    Looks like they're going to quietly let them go, after all it was just some lowly infidels that were murdered so what do muslims care.

  2. Claudia says:

    Well, you know, but Egypt is a "moderate" country, where Christians have been living since before Islam conquered it, without very grave problems.Of course, if you count as not very grave problems being a 2nd-class citizen, paying jizya, having lots of problems to pray in public (even more if you plan to build a church), death or other punishments due to apostasy from Islam, being unable to enter the Administration, being assaulted without very much consequences or being kidnapped and forcibly converted to Islam (as happens today with Christian Copts teenagers).Western countries are soooo oppressive… 😉 [sarcasm off]

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