Somalia: Al-Shabab training children to "kill infidels"

The terrorist group, with links to Al-Qaeda, is training children to “kill infidels”, as a new released video shows:

Framegrab from a video which allegedly shows former Toronto resident Omar Hammami indoctrinating young children and telling them to become martyrs in Somalia

“Do you know who I will kill with this gun?” a little boy says into the video camera, waving his toy pistol.
“Who will you kill with this gun?” the cameraman asks.
“The infidels.”
The scene appears in a new video by the al-Qaeda-linked Al-Shabab that shows the Somali militant group indoctrinating children, some of whom appear to be toddlers.
Among those seen in the 28-minute video urging the children to fight and become “martyrs” is a former Toronto resident, Omar Hammami, alias Abu Mansour the American.
The video, distributed on the Internet this week by Al-Shabab‘s propaganda arm, shows a “children’s fair” hosted by Al-Shabab leaders. The boys and girls, identified as the children of “martyrs,” are given balloons and snacks and rewarded with toy guns for correctly identifying the late leader of al-Qaeda in Iraq, Abu Musab Al Zarqawi, from a picture.

Terrible, hein? Instead of plyting with toys, these boys are taught to dream about killing infidels. And they kill them afterwards: indoctrination from this age is so powerful.

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