Iraq: Church leaders plead for Govt protection in Mosul

This is not the first time they ask for the protection:

Church leaders in Iraq have issued a statement demanding government action to end a campaign of violence against Christians in Mosul. A joint message from Catholic and Orthodox prelates calls attention to "a premeditated plan to place pressure on Christian Churches, to achieve a certain agenda." Decrying the failure of government officials to take effective action despite five execution-style murders within a week, the Church leaders said that the lack of security creates "the impression that we are unwanted in this city, which is our homeland."

It won’t be the last, I’m afraid.

3 comments on “Iraq: Church leaders plead for Govt protection in Mosul

  1. I wonder….Did Christians have more protection under Saddam Hussein?

    Not that I miss him, you understand.

    • Claudia says:

      Well, AOW, I think that being Saddam a dictator, gangs were non-existent, including terrorist ones. Now there is no dictatorship so the degree of punishment and repression is much lower and this minority that actually targets Christians feel that, whatever they do, they go unpunished.

      I hate to say this, but I fear the inclusion of Sharia Law as Law in Iraqi Constitution must have something to do with this, 😥

  2. […] III Delly, Iraq, Latin Rite, Mosul, Syrian Catholic, United Nations by Claudia Following the Christian leaders’ plead for Govt protection, Christians have protested in the streets. From Catholic Culture: Syrian Catholic Archbishop […]

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