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Spain: imam on the run after been accused of sexual harrasment

The Civil Guard is searching for the imam from El Algar’s mosque since last Friday throughout Spain. The agents want him to clarify if he has sexually abused five girls he was teaching the Koran to. He has been their teacher for the last three months.

The man, whose initials are A. B. and is 47-year-old, fled from the city last week after being expelled from the mosque by the board that administers it and before the agents began by duty, not by request, the investigations following the rumours that were going round the city. The girls’ parents didn’t make any complaint to the police, despite the Islamic Community’s claim that they were very interested to know what really had happened.

Both the girls and their parents have been questioned by specialised agents from Murcia’s offices. After analysing their testimonies, the Civil Guard considers that the imam could have had sexually contacts with five out of ten minors (there were also boys) who were in his Koran’s classes.

The children went several times a week to the mosque, located in the La Loma’s quarter (…). According to the girls, during the religious classes, the imam went with each of them, individually, into one of the two offices the mosque has and there, far from the rest of the minors, he touched them.

The alleged victims are 5 girls aged from 8 to 11 years-old, according to sources of the investigation. They told their parents what was happening each time they went to the mosque and they presented a complaint to the board of the mosque, formed by a president and 4 managers. They expelled the imam who fled from the city two days later, according to the Civill Guard. Even if it’s allegedly a criminal activity the one the imam engaged in, no one presented a complaint before the authorities.

It’s interesting to note that they didn’t get to the police to complaint about the sexual abuse, but rather only expelled him from their community. We should question if this people (the ones this piece of news refers to) are really integrated, when they don’t even complaint about so grave facts to the police, Of course, the police are non-Muslims and they of course don’t want the police to meddle in their affairs. Is this a “no-go zone” for the police? It’s possible.

NOTE: I’m obviously not saying that all imams teaching Koram are paedophiles, something a lot of people said when a very tiny number of Catholic priests were disgustingly found to be so.