Spain: Salafist Imam Charged for Coercing a Woman to Wear Hijab

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She trembles and grasps the arm of one his sons when she passes another Moroccan-born when walking the streets of Cunit Tarragona. Fatima Ghailan, 31-year-old Muslim, Moroccan born, doesn’t want to explain what she is nervous about. “My position is difficult, I don’t have even police protection“, she excuses herself. She is a Muslim believer, while, at the same time, she works, drives and doesn’t wear a veil. The city’s imam, Mohammed Benbraim, only seems to agree with the first mentioned thing.The imam’s harrass to the woman has reached so high levels that the Instruction Judge nº.1 from Vendrell has charged him with menace, coercion and slander. Public Prosecution office has asked for a 5-year prison term for the imam; 4-year prison term for his assistand, the President of the Islamic Association of Cunit, Abderraman El Osri, charged with coercion and slander; and two for the imam’s wife and daughter, Zohra Ahmaddach and Haffsa Ben Brahim, on coercion charges.

The case shows the existence of tensions between Muslims for imposing an extremist Islam. The authorities consider Tarragona the main seebbed in Spain of Salafism, the ideology supported by Ibrahim. “We are worried“, has said the Catalan Government’s delegate in Tarragona, Xavier Sabaté.

Ghailan began separating herself from the Imam’s leadered community before 2007, but that year, when she began working as cultural mediator as the local townhall, “the problems began”, as she said to the judge on Dec 2008 to the judge. The imam “considers that the fact of dressing myself without hijab, that she keeps in touch with non-Muslim Spanish people, just as her sons do, and that she is separated from the Islamic community makes her merit reproach“, the Judge’s instruction, written last May, says, after 6 months of investigations.

via Imputado un imán por coaccionar a una mujer que no lleva velo · ELPAÍ

The existence of Salafism in Catalonia is something very well-known. Last December a woman escaped a sure killing on adultery charges after being “judged” Taliban style in a masia. This is possible because there is no integration of Muslims withing non-Muslims’ society, perceived as “ungodly“. Salafists are also funding terrorism, specially AQIM, the same terrorist group that abducted 3 Spanish-Catalan volunteers in Mauritania and has threatened to kill a French volunteer, if their demands are not met.



8 comments on “Spain: Salafist Imam Charged for Coercing a Woman to Wear Hijab

  1. Legal charges are a step in the right direction — IF convictions follow.

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  4. MK says:

    I thought that salafi islam was the more kinder version of islam, or was that sufi islam. Bloody hell, who can keep track.

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