UK: London breeding Islamic terrorists

Speaking about Abdulmutallab’s failed terrorist attack:

British security agency MI5 revealed that Umar Farouk AbdulMutallab had “multiple communications” with Islamic extremists in London, that the Nigerian reached out from London to a worldwide network of jihadi contacts and that he was “on the periphery of a past incident.”

Why was this 3-year-old information apparently not shared with U.S. authorities until more than a week after the near-fatal flight?

Probably the reason is that UK security agencies are overwhelmed by the dimensions of the terrorist threat in Britain. Two years ago, MI5’s director revealed that there were 4,000 people known to be “involved in terrorist-related activity in the UK” in more than 200 terrorist networks. A year later, authorities said the threat was growing “increasingly complex” and the numbers “even higher.”

Since the mid-90s, London has been a haven for foreign jihadi preachers, organizers, agitators and propagandists, many of them recipients of generous welfare benefits.

“Londonistan” attracted second-generation British Muslims who spurned the folk Islam and customs of their immigrant parents but were repelled by a British culture they regarded as decadent and racist.

… Anwar al-Awlaki, who inspired the Fort Hood massacre and conspired with AbdulMutallab in Yemen, reportedly has also inspired several terrorist cells in Britain. He is heard on British-based Web sites and via video links at conferences hosted by university Islamic Societies such as the one AbdulMutallab led at University College London.

The Nigerian is the fourth president of a London Islamic Society to face terrorist charges in three years. One of them is awaiting retrial, having escaped conviction for involvement in the 2006 liquid bomb plot to blow up airliners bound for the U.S., a precursor to the Christmas plot.

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There are comical aspects of the failed plot. And I am not referring to people claiming that Abdulmutallab was paid by a Republican Obama-hater conspiracy (yes, one Mike Malloy has actually said that). No, I’m referring to the underpants of Pantybomber after the failed plot. His genital area must be truly damaged:

Abdulmutallah's underwear

Abdulmutallah's underwear

Of course, that’s not the funny thing. He probably has to undergo plastic surgery, if other major damages have not let him truly… ehmm… damaged. Of course, the People’s Cube is already joking about this:

If Abdulmutallab was a CK's model...

If Abdulmutallab was a CK's model...

Or this other one:

Not Undies They're Fundies



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