Kenya: Sheikh Abdullah al-Faisal to be deported

The sheikh was arrested by the Anti-Terrorism Police Unit in Mombasa. The cleric, who entered Kenya through the Lunga Lunga border point from Tanzania, is to be deported to Jamaica this week. Al-Faisal was deported from Britain after serving a five-year jail sentence on terror-related charges.

Mr Kajwang’, who is in charge of Immigration, said that Sheikh al-Faisal is on an international watch-list of terrorists and would not have been allowed into the country had he entered through Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, Moi International Airport or any other entry point linked to the e-border control system.

The cleric has previously been denied entry into Kenya. Before his arrival in Kenya, he had travelled to Nigeria, Angola, Mozambique, Swaziland, Malawi, and Tanzania. He was arrested minutes after attending evening prayers at a Nyali mosque.

“I have already signed his deportation letter and he will be deported back to his country at the earliest opportunity. The information we have is that he was arrested in Britain and jailed five years ago on terrorism-related charges. We are not deporting him because he is a Muslim,’’ Mr Kajwang’ said.

He went on: ‘‘We are deporting him because of his terrorist history and the fact that he is on the international watch-list. We have no charges against him, but he took advantage of the situation at Lunga Lunga border to enter the country. He deliberately entered by road at a border point not linked to our computer system.”

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Trying to fool the infidels, weren’t you Faisal? :mrgreen:

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