Al-Qaeda: Al-Zawahiri calls to “disinfect the Maghreb of Spanish and French nationals

This is an update on this story (1234, 5)y:

Al-Qaeda retakes its offensive against the West threatening. This time the message comes from Al-Zawahiri, AQ’s No.2. In a video, he addresses the members of Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb, those who have kidnapped three Spanish volunteers (and another French national). Al-Zawahiri assures that they will never be able to reconquest Al-Andalus without cleaning, “disinfecting” he says literally, the Maghreb of the “Infidels”, those who for Bin Laden’s No.2 are represented by Spanish and French nationals in the area.The video message is subtitled in English and Al-Zawahiri asks Muslims to be with his sons, the mujahidienes. He shows the territory they must reconquer, a map of the Iberian Peninsula, which in this occassion goes beyond the Pyrenees.

In the video there are images of Cordoba’s mosque or Granada’s Alhambra in which Bin Laden and Co. appear with the black flag of Islam.

via Alerta Digital – Al Qaeda llama a “desinfectar el Mahgreb de españoles y franceses”.

Al-Qaeda has asked for €7M to free the three Spanish volunteers. And:

They also have asked for Mauritania to free some members of Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb who are imprisoned.

Their families have asked Al-Qaeda to free them on “compassionate grounds” as one of the volunteers was shot in a leg. We can say that it’s the worth a try, though this shows their lack of knowledge of a terrorist organization, who are not interested in humanitarian acts, but in making people feel threatened and endangered to achieve their political goals.

U: I was forgetting. Today is the anniversary of the reconquest of Granada (Jan 2nd, 1492). Thanks to Big Government for reminding me.

Read also Spero Forum about Al-Zawahiri’s message.

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