Iran: huge crowds mourn Montanzeri

There were cries including “Death to the Dictator” in displays of anger against Iran’s ruling establishment and, what’s more important, huge crowds mourning the opposition’s cleric and Basij thugs:

forced to cancel the post-funeral sacrament as the Islamic regime’s forces had invaded the A’zam mosque where the observance was to be held. Saeed Montazeri also added that the Montazeri residence has now been surrounded by various revolutionary guards, members of the Basij, intelligence agents, members of special force, etc.

The Iranian Govt has a really rare way of showing respect to the cleric who was once elected to be Ayatolah’s Khomeini’s heir.

Yesterday, the reformist website, has reported that:

Around 1,000 members of Iran’s Basij Islamic militia attacked offices of pro-reform cleric Grand Ayatollah Yusuf Sanei in the central shrine city of Qom, a reformist website reported on Tuesday.

Canadian-Iranian blogger Winston considers that:

The western governments’ concern about nuclear weapons in the hands of the current rapist regime in Tehran is truly understandable but there is no chance to disarm this regime by talking to them. It’s imperative that the current regime be prevented from having any nuclear weapons capability for the sake of international peace and safety. A brutal regime that doesn’t have mercy on its own people, can not be trusted with weapons of mass murder.

Sensible theory. BUt how on earth do we know that the present movement is not just a quarrel over Islamic factions within Iran? In the end, Moussavi is not really a supporter of democracy, he is just not a supporter of Ahmadinejad, but is not opposed to Islamic regime, as far as I know. I believe Western countries do consider the potential of an Iranian democracy’s influence in the Middle East, but they don’t see any real movement for democracy, just one against Ahmadinejad. Of course, I can be mistaken… it’s just a view from outside Iran.

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