8 years


Each time I see these images, I feel the same: a shock to realise the extremely madness and badness (is that correct?) human beings can do if moved by  devilish ideas. Progress and evolution have made our lives different: we can fly in airplanes, go under the sea a lot of miles down, have gone to the moon, can see stars which disappeared several light-years ago, etc. They have really improved our life style. But human beings can still feel hate, be cruel and get satisfaction when harming others. They can sing and dance when someone is killed, raped or maimed.

Luckily, not ALL human beings are equal: there are others who want to make this world a better place, think that being merciful is just to follow a Godly path and get inner satisfaction in helping others, whatever their religion, political ideas, intelligence, etc.

That is, Cain and Abel continue to live with us. But you know: that’s what free will means. And freedom is a very important thing: if there would be no freedom, there would be no good nor bad either.

In this day, I want to remember those who have been killed by Islamic terrorism. It’s truly important to consider that before this unlucky people, there were already people assasinated, killed, maimed… and that afterwards, in this 8 years, nearly 14,000 people have already been killed. Yes, I know, perhaps there are more people dead in car crashes or by lung and heart cancer. But that’s not caused by another human being’s will. It’s just that really awful thought of wanting to kill even killing oneself what makes this more terrible, more powerful. Such extreme hate has been worrying so much people over these 8 years, although I fear that it has not worried enough.

mohammed_attaTo begin to understand 9/11, you should read Mohammed Atta’s last will. Mysogynist, obsessed with details and with his body… For the most part, it’s just a recollection of what to do in his funeral and burial. He wrote it on 1996, when he didn’t know he was going to be a suicide bomber.

I remember the first time I read that will, it stroke me as cold-hearted. He was a very young man then, and he seemed so absolutely deprived of any inner happiness. Nothing about having sons or having lived a good life. Nothing about his family. Just “don’t touch my genitals without gloves, don’t let women approach by body, wash my body this way”. If there is somebody which can be considered as an example of “There is no fun in Islam”, it’s without doubt this guy. Yes, I understand someone who kills 3000 people must be cold-hearted, but reading what he wrote is very chilling for me: it’s to know what he considered important. He revered his own death, more than his life.

But the photo that impress me the most is this one:

Sept. 11 hijackers Ziad Jarrah, left, and Mohammed Atta laugh in what is apparently their last will and testament in a videotape apparently made in Afghanistan on Jan. 18, 2000.

Sept. 11 hijackers Ziad Jarrah, left, and Mohammed Atta laugh in what is apparently their last will and testament in a videotape apparently made in Afghanistan on Jan. 18, 2000.

These guys were at a terror camp…. laughing. I have seen lots of photos of Jarrah having good time. he was a playboy, impacient, deeply in love with his German Muslim girlfriend. He did really doubt about what he was going to do, and Atta was worried about him deserting. Anyway, I have seen very few photos of Atta laughing. Or just smiling. Now compare it with the above photo. His eyes are practically looking the same (his left eye is smaller than the other…). Cruel eyes, hein? I believe he only considered himself a happy man while kidnapping and killing those people. And committing suicide.

Maybe this is just a stupid rant and I should just have blogged the first photo. Maybe. But those photos really make me think. How many other Attas are there? What leads them personally to commit such atrocities? Yes, I understand the ideological reasons for them to kill, but I feel we are just forgetting to look at the guys who kill. Why instead they don’t like to spend their free time baking bread, watching TV or writing poems? Are they bad or are truly mad? What would have happened if they haven’t been born and educated where they were? Are they just brainwashed or are just cruel assassins who use those teachings to kill in Allah’s name, fulfilling at once their own deepest and bloodiest desires and Allah’s hate for infidels?

And the most important one: will this end someday? Or not?