Spain: Promoting a Center of Andalusian and Islamic Studies in Ronda

Málaga – Promueven un Centro de Estudios Andaluces e Islámicos de la Junta en Ronda –

The creation of a Center of Andalusian and Islamic Studies of the Andalusian Autonomous Government in the city of Ronda (Málaga) is promoted by the Major. The latter, Antonio María Marín, asked Socialists this when he negotiated with them his affiliation in their party after abandoning the Andalucist Party.
Marín has assured EFE that he has the socialist regional direction’s license and underlines that Ronda is “the place where Andalucism was born”, after remembering that it was in this city where symbols like the Andalucian flag and coat of arms were drawn in 1918.
He also explains that the Major’s office has two palaces where this center can be placed. One of them is the house-palace from the Ahumanda Dukes (located in the historical center of the city) and the other is placed in Armiñán st.
The resposible of this center should have level of Director General or similar considering Ronda’s special situation, according to the Major, who also adds that this could be configured as an Andalusian Public Foundation.
He assures that the provincial secretary of Socialist party in Málaga, Miguel Ángel Heredia, is representing this affair before the Andalucian Autonomous region and the party’s representatives; he believes the Andalusian Government should be “sensitive and delicate” and underlines that they have yet to decide if this would be part of Culture or Tourism departments.
Antonio María Marín defends for Ronda “that meaning because historically it fulfills all the requirements” considering its caracter and “andalucist roots” and maintains that “the andalucism is represented nowadays by the Socialists best”.
Ronda’s Major and the 8 councilmen the Andalucist Party had in the city, entered last June 11th the Socialist group in the city in a movement which was hoped for months, considering the situation of the main Andalucist city in the province and one of the most important within Andalucia.

A magnificent time to promote this, isn’t it? Unemployment rate: 18.5%. Public expenditure: boosting.

If the Duke of Ahumada would come from the afterlife… 😦