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  • Spain's interior minister has warned that the Basque separatist group Eta is still dangerous, despite a series of arrests and seizures of weapons caches.

    On Tuesday, French police uncovered a stash of explosives and ammunition in a remote region of rural southern France.

    It was the 12th seizure since the arrest of three suspected Eta members believed to be involved in organising the militant group's logistics.


Iran: Reformist web publishes photos of protesters’ unmarked, secret graves

Heard In Iran: Protesters Buried in Unmarked Graves – Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty © 2009

Post-Vote Protesters Buried in Secret, Unmarked Graves

August 25 — Dozens of victims of post-election violence were secretly buried in Tehran’s Behesht-i Zahra Cemetery, according to a report by the reformist “” website. The website’s editor said, “We found out how many burial permits were issued for those who were illegally interred from cemetery employees. Their graves, unlike those of ordinary people, bear no names.” [read in Farsi / read in English].

Photo thanks to Tehran Bureau. There are more photos there.

On Fayyad’s plan to build a Palestinian state in two years

Op-Ed: De-facto deliberations | Op-Ed Contributors | Jerusalem Post

one of the most important and intriguing, though lesser known provisions of the Interim Agreement lies – probably deliberately – hidden deep in the seventh subparagraph of the Final Clauses (Article XXXI).

According to this provision, “Neither side shall initiate or take any step that will change the status of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip pending the outcome of the permanent-status negotiations.”

Clearly this vital provision places a reciprocal and parallel obligation on each of the parties – the PLO and Israel – not to unilaterally alter the status of the territories until such change is mutually agreed upon. The intention of the parties during the negotiations was clear – the Palestinian side will not declare a unilateral state, and the Israelis will not declare annexation.

IT WOULD be interesting to inquire whether the advisers of Prime Minister Fayad brought this very basic provision to his attention prior to the publication of his plan.

Hamas and Islamic Jihad had already rejected Fayyad’s plan to build a Palestinian state in two years.

In an effort to curtail unauthorized gun ownership, Fayad and PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas have declared their intention to take legal action against armed gangs. “There is no doubt that we have the right to resist, but we must do this in an organized fashion and we must do away with the chaos,” Fayad explained.

However, Fayad aides said that the prime minister intends to deal with the issue of armed gangs through dialogue and not by engaging in a violent confrontation with them.

So, more or less, everything remains the same, doesn’t it?

India: man arrested after marrying six wives

The man is a Hindu but he has a point:

Police in the Indian city of Mumbai say they have arrested a man for forgery and polygamy after he married at least six women over the past two years.

Tushar Waghmare, an engineer with Air India, allegedly kept all his wives in the dark about their counterparts.

….Mr Waghmare complained about different treatment for Hindus and Muslims.

“Muslims are allowed to marry a lot of times while Hindus aren’t allowed to do so,” he told Reuters television outside a Mumbai police station.

“Why do we have such a law present here?

“I didn’t force them to have sex with me nor did I ever dupe them. I have married only thrice till now.”

And he is right: if Muslims are allowed, the rest of the men should be. If the legislators sees this as something rejectful (specially considering equality between sexes), then polygamy should be forbidden, but for all citizens.

Saudi Arabia: censored version of Youtube, launched

NaqaTube (Naqa means ‘pure’ in Arabic) is a collection of clean and edited clips from YouTube. According to Arab News daily, the site censors videos that are deemed negative towards to the Kingdom’s government, scholars and citizens in general.

According to Abu Ibraheem, one of the moderators of NaqaTube, the site has received nearly 5,000 to 6,000 visitors since its launch two months ago.

It’s the latest measure Saudi has adopted to protect its youth and preserve its cultural and religious identity in cyberspace.

As it is censored, this kind of news would not be considered for posting, would they?

Indonesia: terrorists from JI had planned to kill Obama

Militants behind the hotel bombings in Jakarta also planned to use snipers to attack Barack Obama’s convoy, according to an intelligence expert.

A link between the suicide bombings at the JW Marriott and Ritz-Carlton hotels on July 17, which killed nine people and wounded 53, and funding from a group linked to Al Qaeda is also being investigated, Dynno Chressbon, from the Centre for Intelligence and National Security, said.

He said that two of the four wanted suspects, Ario Sudarso and Mohamad Syahrir, had been trained for an attack on Obama, who is expected to visit Indonesia before the Asia-Pacific Economic Co-operation summit in Singapore in November.

“For Obama, they planned to attack the convoy around the airport using MK-IIIs,” he said, referring to a Russian-made sniper rifle that he said was used by the Taliban in Afghanistan and in Muslim conflict areas in the Philippines.

(…) The alleged snipers were from a group called the Indonesian Islamic State, which has a training camp in the restive southern Philippines and received support from a group headed by the Malaysian-born militant Noordin Mohammad Top, Chressbon said.

via Militants Behind Indonesia Bombings Planned Attack on Obama – International News | News of the World | Middle East News | Europe News –


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Germany: No timetable for pullout from Afghanistan, says Merkel

Merkel told public television on Sunday that she wanted to bring the German soldiers home “as soon as possible” but not until their mission was complete. According to the chancellor, Berlin’s goal was self-sustained security for Afghanistan.

…A parliamentary mandate, which allows Germany to contribute up to 4,500 troops to the NATO mission, expires in December and must be renewed if the troops are to remain in Afghanistan.

via No timetable for German pullout from Afghanistan, says Merkel | Germany | Deutsche Welle | 25.08.2009.