Pakistan: imam screamed “These are Infidels, killing them is permitted”

For the people of Gojra’s Christian Colony, in rural Punjab, the mosque megaphones presented a more worrying proposition. “These are infidels, killing them is permitted,” screamed one local imam from his mosques as, two weeks ago, a Muslim mob stormed the colony on hearing a rumour, later found to be false, that a Christian had desecrated a copy of the Qur’an. About a hundred homes were burned to the grown along with nine people, most of whom were burned alive in their dwellings.

… It would be unfair, however, to only blame religious groups for the spreading intolerance. “Sectarian conflict in Pakistan is the direct consequence of state policies of Islamisation and marginalisation of secular democratic forces,” concludes an International Crisis Group report.

via Intolerance is sweeping across Pakistan | Mustafa Qadri | Comment is free | via


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4 comments on “Pakistan: imam screamed “These are Infidels, killing them is permitted”

  1. MK says:

    Well he’s quoting accurately from their koran, mohammed held the lives of infidels like that of animals, something too many of us in the west are too stupid to get.

    • Well, the interesting hting for me is that the article is written by a Muslim and is published by the Guardian. He blames the religious incitement to murder “Infidels” and the Govt’s blasphemy laws.
      The difference is probably for me that he is not called a racist, rightwing scumbag by the readers, because after all he is a Muslim. If this guy was an “infidel”, he would clearly have been called an “islamophobe”. 🙄

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