Pakistan: arrested activist who protested anti-Christian violence

PAKISTAN: A human rights activist faces terrorism charges for publicising the murder of Christians, while the mullahs who encouraged the violence remain free.

Tariq Mehmood can be sentenced to death for doing a press release to denounce the killings of Christians in Gojra. The sample letter and the addresses which can be sent to protest his arrest are included in the link.

So anyone thought Pakistani Govt was going to abrogate the Blasphemy Laws?

Pakistan: leader of terrorist organization responsible of anti-Christian violence, killed.
78% support Death Penalty for Leaving Islam.
Pakistani Christians protest violence.
Islamists ask for Christians to be hanged on false blasphemy charges.
Attacks on Christians were premeditated”, says Archbishop Saldanha.
The Islamists are the culprits!
An investigation will be opened on Muslim riots.
Christian killed in Muslim riots.

6 comments on “Pakistan: arrested activist who protested anti-Christian violence

  1. MK says:

    That’s that famous tolerance and justice of islam.

  2. […] As ever: Christians are not allowed to preach, pray in public or build churches. If they do, they are harrassed or attacked in any other way. Lastly, police don’t file the complaint. And if you protest anti-Christian violence you are arrested. […]

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