Obama and his problems with History

clipped from www.thelandofthefree.net
Authentic history dictates that it was not the Islam with which Obama harbors an unnatural infatuation that should be credited with these achievements. The Muslim world, after intimate contact with Greece and its culture, adopted their practices of mathematics, astronomy, and physics. They served Islam as devout Muslims while serving erudition as did the Greeks; this marriage led to a rapidly advancing and evolving Muslim culture. These Muslims were the disciples of Aristotle’s ideas, they were Arabs qua Aristotelians. Obama was correct to credit Islam for some of the achievements in his speech, but the Islam he praised is antithetical to the Islam that possessed an advanced civilization a thousand years ago.
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The article also says:
“As rapidly as Islamic culture advanced, so too it declined. The Islamic orthodoxy repudiated Aristotelian thought and the advancements it beget in the sciences, mathematics, and architecture, and were able, through persecution of the learned, to eradicate reason and intelligence from Islamic culture. After the intentional and systematic elimination of math and science from their culture, the Muslim world hastily retreated into a primitive state and advancement ceased. Decline ensued.”
Yes, that’s true. But I doubt that Obama & Co. are going to support that…

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