Pakistan: Islamists ask for Christians to be hanged on false blasphemy charges

International Christian Concern (ICC) has learned that several Muslim groups met in Gojra, Pakistan, today to hold a press conference calling on the government to exonerate religious leaders accused of inciting the anti-Christian attacks that occurred this past weekend. In addition, they threatened to hang the Christian whose alleged blasphemy sparked the violence (what is more: blasphemy which was FALSE).

Muslim groups Jamiyat Islami Gojra (a religious group) and Anjman-e-Tajran (a trade union) initially condemned last weekend’s violence in their statements. However, they quickly reversed course by calling for the release of Ulma and the other clerics named in the official police report. They further contradicted their initial statement by threatening to hang Talib Masih and others accused of blasphemy in the Gojra bazaar if the government had not arrested him by August 10 (that is called BLACKMAIL).

This press conference is a sign that the government has not restored rule of law in this area, and is risking another outbreak of violence by its delay in responding adequately to the situation.

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But nothing happens. The world is silent. Why bother about some Christians in Pakistan? Meanwhile, Zardari is worried about “jokes mocking him”.

Shameful. Absolutely shameful.

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5 comments on “Pakistan: Islamists ask for Christians to be hanged on false blasphemy charges

  1. Karen Howes says:

    GRRRR, I’m so sick of these raghead barbarians! We need to remind the ones who are over here of this whenever they complain about being treated unfairly.

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