Singapore: JI’s terrorist attack on Changi Airport foiled

The news about Jemaah Islamiyah keep coming:

Police revampPolice say they foiled a terrorist attack on Singapore’s Changi Airport by arresting two suspects in Central Java last month.Authorities believe Sigit Hendrawan, 50, a resident of Malang, East Java, and Husaini, a Singaporean citizen, are connected to highly wanted terror suspect Noordin M Top. They were detained on June 21 by the Detachment 88 counter-terrorism unit.

“Both of them were in Solo preparing to blow up Singapore’s Changi Airport,” said Chief Comr. Joko Irwanto.

Solo Police told the Jakarta Globe that Hendrawan was receiving an undisclosed amount of money, wired to an Indonesian account from Singapore every two weeks, which they believe was being used to finance the planned attack.

via Singapore Airport Terror Plot Foiled, Say Solo Police – The Jakarta Globe.

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One comment on “Singapore: JI’s terrorist attack on Changi Airport foiled

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