China: government executes 196 Uighurs

Un update on this story:

A Chinese court sentenced 196 Uighurs to death on July 18 accusing them in participation in the unrests, APA reports quoting Kanal D.

The court decision was immediately executed and all accused persons were shot dead. It is not clear where the execution took place and did the government hand over the bodies to their relatives or not? According to the official statistics, 184 people were killed last month in the unrests in Xinjiang-Uighur autonomous province of China last month, but unofficial figures showed more than 1000 people dead and nearly 2000 arrested. The Chinese officials didn’t rule out that the arrested people would be executed.

via APA – Chinese government executes 196 Uighurs.

Were this people responsible for the unrests? What if they got people who were not responsible for them? There was no possibilty of appealing the sentences.

Even if I reject Islamism, I don’t believe this is the best way to address this problem. They are only gathering support from normal people and from “hard-line muslims”. The latter are truly amusing:

FUI (Islamic People’s Forum) secretary general Muhammad Al Khathath said on Monday that the rally was meant to be peaceful and that the protesters only wanted to meet with the Chinese ambassador to Indonesia, Zhang Qiyue.

“We are not here to cause a riot, we just want to see the ambassador,” Al Khathath said. “We want the Chinese government to stop their oppression because the right to practice religion is a basic human right.”

I don’t see that “basic human right” being respected in Muslim countries: in Saudi Arabia, non-Muslims can’t even have places to pray and non-Muslims can’t even enter the Holy cities of Mecca and Medina, in Iran, a Muslim who converts to other faith can be sentenced to death, and in Argelia, non-Muslims can’t even speak about their faith just in case someone gets converted.I don’t see this Al Khathath protesting that lack of this “basic human right” in the Muslim world. Looks like they only protest when there is one of their fellow believers attacked, but not when their fellow believers are attacking others.

But China remains an ally of OIC and in general, of Muslim countries, specially with their projects, specially the ones about UN resolution against blasphemy/criticism of religions.

2 comments on “China: government executes 196 Uighurs

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