Venezuela: “The Law will give Chávez full control over MSM”

An update on this story. From La Prensa:

“Every one of these  legislative or administrative measures are used to stop freedom of expression, while the worldwide trend is precisely to erase every limit to freedom of expression, as happens in the region with the abrogation of the crimes of insulting authorities or the elimination of censorship”, Abreu, ex president of the Interamerican Human Rights Court.

Tomás Terán, a member of the executive committee of the Movement to Socialism, denounced just yesterday that the announcement made by the Minister of Education, Héctor Navarro, related to the control of the MSM by the new Education Act, “only wants to control all the MSM’s schedule to let Hugo Chávez achieve a total control of the information given to Venezuelan society”.

He also added this Govt. action is not surprising nor improvised, but that “this law to control all the independent media is passed at the same time as the Criminal Procedure Organic Code to reach the real MSM censorship so much wanted by Chávez”.

Some days ago, CONATEL (MSM authority) has revoked the concessions to 240 radios because they didn’t give their information on time, but in the same press conference Venezuelan Minister Cabello added they wanted to “make a more democratic use of the MSM”, as “27 families controlled 31% of the radios”. And??

Recently International Press Society critisized the harrasment some MSM han in Venezuela. As the blog K-Minos says:

No one can say there are no freedom of expression in Venezuela, but we can safely say that the freedom of expression is menaced and at risk, because of the hateful statements and speeches, because of the menaces expressed against journalists and MSM nearly daily, because of shutting radio channels just because they are denouncing regional leaders, because they consider internet as a luxury so as to stop the public from using it to “save”, because of expelling from the country anyone who speaks uncomfortable ideas to the Government, whether they are HRW’s director or a Spanish MP. Because of recording journalists’ private conversations in a clear violation of the terms of our constitution and because of a lot of other cases that any of you can have knowledge of, just visiting any of the published dailies”.

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