Israel or Palestinians: which side is to blame?

According to the Globe and Mail readers, 39% consider both of them are responsible, 33% “Palestinian militants linked to Hamas” and 28% the state of Israel.

Tip BCF.

The report from AI actually accuses Israel of using children as human shields, instead of accusing Palestinians who boast normally of doing so.

The report, as with the United Nations’ inquiry that is currently gathering evidence on the conflict, sought to dispel the myths and rumors that have added to already high tensions in the region, particularly the assertion that Hamas used Palestinian civilians as human shields (a claim the report said had no basis in fact). Instead, the report said Israeli soldiers effectively turned Palestinians into human shields by forcing them to stay in the homes that soldiers used as makeshift military bases.

 They must have not seen these videos:
Anyway, there is no word from AI about this:

A survey conducted by the Arab World for Research and Development among 1,200 Arab residents of Judea, Samaria and Gaza, found that many felt Jerusalem should not be shared with Jews and Christians.

About the many, in fact, are 80%:

When asked to what extent they agreed with a statement made by United States President Barack Obama that Jerusalem should be “a secure and lasting home for Jews and Christians and Muslims,” less than 17 percent said they agree, while 20 percent said they “somewhat agree.” More than 42 percent said they disagree with the statement, while 17 percent “somewhat disagree.”

Gaza has just converted a main traffic artery into an “Arab-only” road.

So, are we insane? How on earth Israelis are going to be joyful upon the perspective of the two-State solution? Blame on both sides? Really?


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