More antiterrorist idiocy from UK

Osama bin Laden’s ‘right-hand man’ Abu Qatada wins bail fight – Times Online h/t Kris.

An extremist Muslim cleric regarded as Osama bin Laden’s “spiritual ambassador in Europe” must be released on bail, a judge ruled yesterday.

Abu Qatada, 48, who won his legal fight against deportation to Jordan last month, will be freed from prison under strict bail conditions, amounting to 22-hour house arrest, despite being deemed a threat to national security.

The cleric applied to the Special Immigration Appeals Commission (SIAC) for bail on the ground that it was inhumane to detain him indefinitely if there was no prospect of his being deported.

The order by Mr Justice Mitting to release him is the latest in a series of judicial decisions that undermine the Government’s stance on terrorism. In the past year, the courts have in effect rewritten sections of terrorism legislation and ruled that financial sanctions on terrorist suspects were absurd and unlawful.

So, errr, the same Government who wants to stablish a regulation to record all critizens’ e-mails and phone calls of all the people inside the UK, just in case they are needed in a counter-terrorist investigation. That same Government who has lost data and more data from those citizens. That same Government who has lost documents considered as Top Secret, first ones about Irak war and the fight against Al-Qaeda and then about how the terrorists get financed. That same Government who has filled London with security cameras to spy on their citizens, placing them even on dustbins and who has defended all that because “we can’t fight with 19th century means, 21st century challenges”… That same Government who has insisted a law must be passed to retain people for 42 days, at the most, without charging them in counter-terrorism processes….

That same Government has released one of the most dangerous terrorists in UK, Abu Qutada, considered the Bin-Laden’s Ambassador in Europe, on condition that: “he is banned from meeting with Osama Bin Laden in London”.

Just not giving my opinion. I am so angry… And no, this is not because someone is “imbecile” or that other is not “responsible enough”.

But don’t worry: in Spain, the Central Intelligence Agency (the Spanish one, not US) has being spying on a Constitutional Tribunal Judge, García-Calvo (against whom even a hookup was made) and who died some weeks ago just before having to take part in several very important decisions (homosexual marriage, Catalonian Statute), with presumably he would have voted against the Government’s position. And also we have the pedophile

Han dejado en libertad a Abu Qutada, uno de los peores terroristas que ha conocido Europa, el “Embajador de Al-Qaeda”. Los responsables de este nuevo desaguisado en materia contra-terrorista han sido los de una comisión del Gobierno británico para las “Apelaciones en Inmigración”, que le ha puesto como condición (pásmense todos ante la dureza de la condición):

que no puede reunirse con Bin Laden en Londres.

Ahora comparadlo con lo que he escrito justo en el anterior post. A mí desde luego risa, no me da.

Claro que aquí tenemos al CNI espiando a García-Calvo (con montaje incluido).

No puedo con estas cosas…

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