About converts to Christianity

Egyptian blogger Sandmonkey reports about Bahaa El Din Al Akkad (photo), an Egyptian Muslim, member of Tabligh and Daawa -organization to spread Islam-, who converted to Chistianity afterwards, has been imprisoned 18 months now under the charge of “blasphemy against Islam”. He writes:

After contacting a couple of people who are involved in such cases in terms of human rights, the word came back that this story is actually true, that they have known about it for a while now, and have been in contact with this guy’s lawyer and plan on coming out to the public with it soon enough, with their own statements. So I figured I would tell you guys first. This is for real. The guy got arrested for converting to christinaity and have been rotting in prison for the past 18 months for it. I don’t think I need to tell you how much of a violation to his rights this is, but then again, this is Egypt, and we really have no rights to speak of.

Also in persecution.org.

Also the kidnappers of an Italian photojournalist are asking for Abdul Rahman, the Afgan who converted to Christianity and faced the death penalty for that and now exiled in Italy, or they will kill the photographer (tip: relapsed Catholic).

El blogger egipcio Sandmonkey informa de que Bahaa El Din El Akkad (foto de arriba), que era miembro de Tabligh and Daawa -organización cuyo objeto es extender el Islam-, ha sido encarcelado por convertirse al cristianismo bajo la acusación de “blasfemia contra el islam. Ya lleva 18 meses en el calabozo y varios grupos de derechos humanos están intentando sacarle de allí.

Además, los secuestradores de un periodista italiano han exigido que se les entregue a Abdul Rahman, el afgano que se convirtió al catolicismo y se enfrentó a la pena de muerte por ello, o si no matarán al periodista-fotógrafo.

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3 comments on “About converts to Christianity

  1. Mauro says:

    And they say Egypt is a “moderate” muslim country.
    Well… 😦

  2. What enrages me more is that these news don’t appear in MSM, but only in blogs or in webs from Christians. The MSM bias is once again shown in this new case of persecution against Christians. :

    Thanks for commenting.

  3. H. says:

    Islam is on the March again because it sees an opportunity to fill the vacuum the internationalist Left has created here, and in the rest of the West, via its war on Christianity.

    Also, I probably should not say this, but Lady Vorzheva is the lick.

    There, I said it.

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