Philippines: Osama bin Laden came within minutes of killing Bill Clinton

At one point during his stay, he was scheduled to visit a local politician, his route taking him across a bridge in central Manila.

But as the presidential motorcade was about to set off, secret service officers received a “crackly message in one earpiece” saying intelligence agents had picked up a message suggesting an attack was imminent.

The transmission used the words “bridge” and “wedding” – a terrorists code word for assassination.

The motorcade was quickly re-routed and American agents later discovered a bomb had been planted under the bridge.

The subsequent US investigation into the plot “revealed that it had been masterminded by a Saudi terrorist living in Afghanistan – a man named Osama bin Laden”.

via Osama bin Laden came within minutes of killing Bill Clinton – Telegraph.

This is a glorious moment on Clinton speaking about Bin Laden:

Philippines: Govt tries to arrest Abu Sayyaf terrorists, clashes spark

Attempts by government troops to arrest three militant leaders wanted by the Philippines and the United States on kidnapping and murder charges sparked clashes that left up to 17 rebels dead, officials said Monday.

The fighting erupted Sunday when government forces cordoned off a village on Jolo island in the southern Philippines and tried to arrest the three Abu Sayyaf commanders. Some of the estimated 220 militants in the village fired on the soldiers and clashes ensued.

Regional military commander Maj. Gen. Benjamin Dolorfino said troops recovered the body of one militant, but that intelligence sources indicated at least 17 rebels were killed. Five government soldiers were wounded, Dolorfino said in a brief telephone interview.

The hostilities broke out as residents of the predominantly Muslim island celebrated the Islamic festival of Eid-al-Fitr. Troops were trying to arrest rebel commanders Isnilon Hapilon, Albader Parad and Umbra Jumdail, also known as Dr. Abu.

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Indonesia: terrorists from JI had planned to kill Obama

Militants behind the hotel bombings in Jakarta also planned to use snipers to attack Barack Obama’s convoy, according to an intelligence expert.

A link between the suicide bombings at the JW Marriott and Ritz-Carlton hotels on July 17, which killed nine people and wounded 53, and funding from a group linked to Al Qaeda is also being investigated, Dynno Chressbon, from the Centre for Intelligence and National Security, said.

He said that two of the four wanted suspects, Ario Sudarso and Mohamad Syahrir, had been trained for an attack on Obama, who is expected to visit Indonesia before the Asia-Pacific Economic Co-operation summit in Singapore in November.

“For Obama, they planned to attack the convoy around the airport using MK-IIIs,” he said, referring to a Russian-made sniper rifle that he said was used by the Taliban in Afghanistan and in Muslim conflict areas in the Philippines.

(…) The alleged snipers were from a group called the Indonesian Islamic State, which has a training camp in the restive southern Philippines and received support from a group headed by the Malaysian-born militant Noordin Mohammad Top, Chressbon said.

via Militants Behind Indonesia Bombings Planned Attack on Obama – International News | News of the World | Middle East News | Europe News –


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Philippines: leader of Islamist terrorist movement arrested


The Philippine National Police arrested the leader of a radical, al Qaeda-linked group of Islamist converts during a raid in Marawi City in the southern Philippines.

Dinno Amor Rosalejos Pareja, who is also known as Khalil Pareja and Abu Jihad, was captured after police surrounded his hideout. Pareja was charged by a court with fomenting a rebellion. He is being held without bail.

Pareja is believed to be the leader of the Rajah Solaiman Movement, a movement of Christians who converted to Islam. The Rajah Solaiman Movement was founded by Ahmad Santos. The movement seeks to establish an Islamic state in the Philippines.

Pareja assumed command of the terror group after Santos, Feliciano de los Reyes, and several other high-profile leaders in the Rajah Solaiman Movement were captured over the past several years.


The Rajah Solaiman Movement “received training, funds, and operational assistance” from both the Abu Sayyaf Group and Jemaah Islamiyah, the Treasury press release stated. In return, the Rajah Solaiman Movement has “provided field operatives and a pool of potential recruits” to the Abu Sayyaf Group and Jemaah Islamiyah.

The terror group began receiving funds from "private Saudi sources that channeled funds through charitable NGOs in the Philippines" starting in 2004, the US Treasury stated. "Between 2002 and late 2005, Saudi financiers and at least one Saudi-based Filipino financier also contributed funds to RSM [Rajah Solaiman Movement] for its training camps and planned terror operations."

More in philstar:

The RSM is believed to be behind the 2004 ferry bombing that killed 116 people in Manila Bay. It was the second-most deadly terror attack in Southeast Asia after the 2002 attack on the Indonesian resort island of Bali that killed 202 people.


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Philippines: clashes with terrorists leave 43 dead

At least 43 people – including 23 soldiers and 20 militants – have been killed in clashes in the southern Philippines, an army commander says.

Maj Gen Benjamin Dolorfino said 400 troops launched co-ordinated attacks on a camp belonging to Abu Sayyaf rebels on the southern island of Basilan.

He said soldiers recovered home-made bombs and 13 high-powered firearms.

Fighting has ceased, but troops were combing the area to see if two targeted Abu Sayyaf chieftains had been killed.

The rebel leaders were named as Khair Mundus and Furuji Indama by the Associated Press (AP) news agency, citing military officials.

More information here.

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Phillippines: Landmine Attack by leftist terrorists kills 2 soldiers, wounds 2

The Philippines not only has Islamic terrorism in its South, but also has leftist terrorism:

Pilipinas Two soldiers were killed and five others wounded in a landmine attack staged by suspected leftist rebels Monday afternoon in the southern Philippines, an Army official said.Army Captain Rosa Maria Cristina Rosete Manuel, spokesperson for the military’s 10th Infantry Division, said that New People’s Army (NPA) guerillas detonated a landmine planted along a highway at a remote village in the city of Davao while a military truck was passing.

The military official said that the soldiers had just unearthed some remains of persons believed to be killed by some NPA rebels and were heading back to their headquarters when they were attacked.

The latest attack occurred days after the Philippine government announced its plan to resume peace talks with the leftists next month.

via Two soldiers killed, five hurt in landmine attack in S. Philippines_English_Xinhua.

Just wondering what governments talk with these terrorists “fighters”…

Philippines: Jemaah Islamiyah poses serious threats to the country

News Analysis: Philippines faces serious threat from Jemaah Islamiayh bombers_English_Xinhua

Bin LadenFilipino Muslim militants sheltered them, fed them and helped them evade government troops when they first reached Philippine shores across the Sulawesi Sea. In return, they trained locals to make powerful bombs designed to sow terror.

That’s how a handful of fugitive bombers of the Jemaah Islamiyah (JI), an Indonesia-headquartered militant group with close ties with the Al Qaeda network, took roots and slowly regained clout in the insurgency-infested southern Philippines, officials and analysts said.

But this interaction has apparently entered another level with JI operatives expanding their network and trying to forge an alliance with small groups of local extremists struggling for survival, said Rodolfo “Boogie” Mendoza, a top Filipino counter-terrorism researcher.

“The terrorist threat is real and serious,” Mendoza told Xinhua in an exclusive interview.

He said around ten Indonesian bombers arrived late last year, bringing the total number of JI operatives hiding in the jungles of southern Philippines to 40, headed by a certain Indonesian national Usman Riesal and two prime suspects in the deadly bombings in Indonesia’s tourist island of Bali in 2002.

An update from this story.

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Philippines: Military clueless on JI whereabouts

An update on this story:

The military on Monday admitted that it is clueless on the whereabouts of foreign operatives of the al-Qaeda-linked Jemaah Islamiyah terrorist group who had managed to slip into the country.

We have monitored the entry of JI members in the country. They are training local terrorists to make bombs and other tactics. We learned of it through intelligence reports”, Armed Forces public information chief Lt. Col. Romeo Brawner Jr. said in an interview on dzXL radio.

Brawner’s admission came a week after several people were killed in the bombing of two hotels in Jakarta, and a week before President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo delivers her last State of the Nation Address.

National Security Adviser Norberto Gonzales had also linked the JI to a series of bombings in several key areas in Mindanao earlier this month. At least seven were killed in those bombings.

via GMANews.TV – Military clueless on JI whereabouts in RP – Nation – Official Website of GMA News and Public Affairs – Latest Philippine News.

Philippines: twin bomb blasts kill 6, wound 40

Field reports said two died in Jolo in the southwestern island-province of Sulu while 18 others were injured in Iligan City in Northern Mindanao, said Carmelito Lupo, regional disaster coordinating council chairman. (Last news are that “At least six people have been killed and more than 40 others wounded by twin bomb blasts in the southern Philippines, in what officials described as coordinated attacks by Al Qaeda-linked militants“).

The explosions occurred two days after a powerful bomb exploded across a Catholic church in Cotabato City on Sunday, killing five people and wounding at least 40 others.

The Iligan incident was from a bomb planted inside a parked car that exploded at 10:40 a.m. as a military vehicle passed Sabayle St., wounding three soldiers.

Northern Mindanao police director Chief Superintendent Danilo T. Empredad said the region has been placed on heightened alert.

“We will continue with our counter-terrorism activities but we need the cooperation of citizens especially our barangay officials because this war involves all stakeholders,” he told BusinessWorld.

via BusinessWorld Online: Two casualties in Mindanao bomb blasts; military alert raised.

About the bomb blast outside the Cathedral:

It is known for certain that fundamentalist individuals such as Dulmatin, Umar Patek, and Zulkifli bin Hir (experts in bombs for terrorism attacks) were in the area and that their goal is to destabilise this already tormented part of the southern Philippines. Police arrested and are holding a suspect for questioning.

From the Zulkifli link above:

Since August 2003, he has been present in the Philippines, where he is believed to have conducted bombmaking training for the Abu Sayyaf Group.

Philippines: JI behind bombing outside Cathedral?

This is an update on this story: Philippines probes foreign angle in church blast – Yahoo! Singapore News
Major Randolph Cabangbang said investigators were probing whether Jemaah Islamiyah (JI), the group behind the Bali bombings, may have been involved in the blast outside the Immaculate Conception Roman Catholic cathedral.

He told reporters a number of JI militants are “here in the country.”

Known members of the group Dulmatin, Umar Patek, and Zulkifli bin Hir are thought to be operating in the southern Philippines, he said, but added that there was no proof as yet they were involved.

If they didn’t have enough with the MILF now they have also terrorists belonging to JI. This is not the first time a Cathedral is bombed in the Philippines and JI the main suspect. Last year, the Immaculate Conception Cathedral from Zamboanga was also bombed, with no casualties though:

Police have been placed on the highest level of security following the dawn explosions in Zamboanga city, regional police Chief Superintendent Jaime Caringal said. Government troops and police had already tightened security in the town for a weeklong national sports festival and a medical conference, he said.

Zamboanga, about 860 kilometers (530 miles) south of Manila, is home to U.S. troops providing counterterrorism training to Filipino soldiers. The military says the region is home to more than 300 armed members of the al-Qada-linked Abu Sayyaf (aka JI) terror group.

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Philippines: bomb blast outside Cathedral kills at least 5 people

Islamist militants have been blamed for a bomb blast in the Philippines today which killed at least five people and wounded dozens more.
The bomb exploded outside the Immaculate Conception cathedral in Cotabato city, 545 miles (880 kilometers) south of Manila, as church-goers celebrated Mass.
A woman selling roast pork was killed on the spot while four others, including a soldier and three-year-old boy, died in a nearby hospital. Among the wounded were five soldiers who were passing the cathedral in an army van when the device, fashioned from a mortar round, exploded said army spokesman Colonel Jonathan Ponce.
“This is the handiwork of the rogue members of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF),” Colonel Ponce told reporters, referring to the Muslim organisation which has waged a decades long battle for self rule in the southern island of Mindanao.


BBC doubts about the authors of the blast:

The military immediately blamed the attack in the town of Cotabato, Mindanao, on a militant group, the Moro Islamic Liberation Front.
The group has been fighting to establish a separate Islamic state.
One of its leaders denied any involvement in the attack, saying there was no religious conflict in the south.

Well, there is no other terrorist conflict in Philippines. Specially there are no other people (to my knowledge) who could set off a bomb in the entrance of a cathedral when the mass has finished and the people are just going out. It shows a real interest on killing believers in other religions.

AJ reports there are 45 people wounded. And that:

Nearly 600 people have been killed since then (end of talks with MILF), many of whom were civilians.
Fighting around the marshlands on central Mindanao has escalated in the last eight weeks, forcing more than 350,000 people to flee their homes and farms, pushing back any chance of resuming the peace talks.

Philippines: Jemaah Islamijah's terrorist detained

another group of army soldiers also clashed with Jemaah Islamiya militants at around 4.40 a.m. in the village of Napnapan in Pantukan town in Compostela Valley province and capturing a Filipino bomb expert, Giovanni de Ocampo.

He said the captive admitted during interrogation that he is a member of the Indonesian militant group Jemaah Islamiya and is also an alleged commander of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front.

“Initial report revealed that he is a trainer and an expert in manufacturing of improvised explosives which has caused the death of many innocent civilians and destruction of properties in this part of Mindanao,” Bautista said without further elaborating, saying, security forces were still hunting down other Jemaah Islamiya militants in the province.

via The Mindanao Examiner: Troops clash with NPA, JI in southern Philippines.

Before: The Philippines government will push for the creation of a federal Islamic state in the country’s troubled south as part of efforts to forge a peace agreement with Muslim separatist rebels, an official said Wednesday (Jan. 2008).

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Islamic terrorism problem in Philippines

Troops are killed, some beheaded, in southern Philippines – International Herald Tribune

from Google News

Troops are killed, some beheaded, in southern Philippines
International Herald Tribune - 1 hour ago
By Carlos H. Conde MANILA:

At least 14 government troops were killed in some of the heaviest fighting with Muslim insurgents in the southern Philippines in recent months, officials said Wednesday.

Military officials said they had recovered the bodies of 14 marines after clashes with suspected Abu Sayyaf militants late Tuesday in Tipo-tipo, a hinterland town on Basilan island, and that at least 10 of them had been beheaded.

A marine spokesman, Lieutenant Colonel Ariel Caculitan, said in Manila that 50 marines had clashed with more than 300 rebels. “We were totally outnumbered,” he said.

Major General Ben Mohammad Dolorfino suggested that the marines had been beheaded by Abu Sayyaf in retaliation for the slaying of the son of one of the group’s leaders. “They got angry, that’s why they decapitated the marines,” Dolorfino said.

However, leaders of another group, the Moro Islamic Liberation Front, said it was its own fighters who had fought with the marines and killed 23 of them. But the front’s spokesman, Abu Majid, denied the front’s fighters had beheaded the marines. He said this was done by “unidentified groups” after the fighting, and that the front planned to investigate. He said four rebels had been killed and seven wounded.

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But that is not the only problem facing the Philippines about Islamic terrorism: Terrorists from Jemaah Islamiyah are recruiting women to carry terrorist attacks in Philippines (my translation, link in Spanish):

The Police has ordered its members to be extremely precaucious and to watch every suspicious individual after the Intelligence services detected that in Mindanao, the Jeemah Islamiyah is recruting women to carry bomb attacks.

According to the local newspaper The Philippine Star, the considered “terrorist arm” of Al-Qaeda in South-East Asia, is preparing some attacks against public places, such as bus stations. Also dozens of female policemen have been deployed to friesk the female passengers, and dogs trained in detecting explosives in cars.

Two days ago, a home-made device exploded in an empty bus in Koronadal, city which belongs to the province of South Cotabato, without causing victims. A new local criminal group, called Al-Jobar, claimed responsibility of the attack. Al-jobar can have some relation with Jeemah Islamiyah, police sources say.