Terrorism: Bali bombing mastermind finally captured… in Pakistan

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Umar Patek, 40, who has a US bounty of $1 million on his head and is Indonesia‘s most wanted fugitive, was arrested by Pakistani security agencies who have said they are investigating him for links to militant groups in Pakistan.

A Pakistani official said: “Right now he is being interrogated. The Indonesians want access to him and they are coming.”

Kevin Rudd, Australian Foreign Minister, said: “For us it is clear that Patek has been arrested. Furthermore, it is our view that Patek’s arrest is potentially a major step forward in the fight against terrorism.

His arrest might offer some small comfort to the nearly 100 Australian families who lost loved ones in the Bali bombings way back in 2002. Of course, his arrest does not bring anyone back.”

via Bali bombing mastermind finally captured – Telegraph.

He has been extradited to Indonesia today.

Philippines: Military blames Jemaah Islamiyah for deadly bomb attack

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Again. And again.

The military blamed al-Qaeda linked Jemaah Islamiyah (JI) for the powerful bomb blast today in the country\’s south that left two people dead and eight others wounded.
Lt. Col. Prudencio Asto, a regional military spokesman, said the attack was carried out by students of slain militant Basit Usman of Indonesian-based terrorist network JI and the al-Qaeda linked Abu Sayyaf group.

via Military blames Jemaah Islamiyah for deadly bomb attack – Home » Other Sections » Breaking News.

Abu Bakar Bashir, spiritual leader of Jemaah Islamiyah, sentenced to 15 years

This is an update on this story:


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RADICAL Indonesian cleric Abu Bakar Bashir has been found guilty of terrorism charges and sentenced to 15 years in prison.

The 72-year-old has been found guilty of using violence or the threat of violence to incite terrorism, despite the prosecution weeks ago having conceded that it would not be able to prove all elements of that charge.

The prosecution had been seeking a life sentence in relation to charges of funding terrorism, stemming from the discovery last year of a paramilitary camp in Aceh.

However, the panel of judges today effectively reinstated the more serious charge.

More here.

Indonesia: Bashir rejects terrorism charges

BashirThis is an update on this story:

Prosecutors have sought a life sentence for Bashir, who co-founded the al-Qaida-linked Jemaah Islamiyah network, which is blamed for some of Indonesia’s deadliest suicide bombings.
Bashir, 72, denies involvement with the training camp but has repeatedly defended it as legal under Islam.

The white-bearded cleric told a Jakarta court that the case against him was fabricated and witnesses that testified by teleconference were doing so under pressure.

“Therefore their testimonies could not be trusted,” he said.

Citing verses from the Quran, Bashir said he rejected the trial as against Islam.

Read more here.

Indonesia: Radical Muslim preacher linked to Bali arrested

For being linked with yet another terrorist cell. Radical Muslim preacher linked to Bali arrested in Indonesia – Telegraph:

Abu Bakar Bashir, 71, co-founder of Indonesia’s deadliest terror group, al Qaeda-linked Jemaah Islamiyah, was accused of providing vital support for an extremist cell plotting a wave of assassinations and high-profile attacks. 

He was seized in West Java, where a plot to kill President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono was uncovered last week, and taken to Jakarta for questioning.

Mr Bashir was arrested twice before and spent 30 months in jail for conspiracy over his links to the 2002 Bali bombings in which 202 people – mostly Australian tourists – were killed.
But he was acquitted and released in 2006.

Police, who can hold Mr Bashir for up to a week without charging him, said he was actively involved in planning a military struggle a receive reports from the cell’s field co-ordinator. 

Since his release Abu Bakir toured the country delivering fiery sermons and spoke at the funerals of the two men executed for their part in the Bali bombings

His detention was widely expected since three members of his Jema’ah Ansharut Tauhid organisation – a legal group that fosters Islamisation – were arrested in May for allegedly raising funds for al Qaeda in Aceh. 

A terrorist training camp complete with a large cache of assault rifles, ammunition and explosives was unearthed in Aceh in April and police said the cell has other facilities spread across Indonesia, the world’s most populous Muslim majority nation. 

Five suspected Islamist militants in West Java were alleged to have been plotting an assassination attempt on President Yudhoyono. The arrests were connected with Mr Bashir’s seizure. 

Police said there was strong evidence showing that Mr Bashir had helped set up and fund the new terrorist cell in Aceh.”

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Singapore: Escaped Jemaah Islamiyah terrorist arrested


Singapore’s government said the suspected leader of the Singapore wing of the al Qaeda-linked Jemaah Islamiyah terrorist group is back in its custody two-and-a-half years after a daring jailbreak.

The Home Ministry said Mas Selamat Kastari is “currently under investigation” and being held under the country’s Internal Security Act, which allows for detention without trial. Malaysian police deported the suspect Friday—nearly 18 months after capturing him in southern Malaysia.

Mr. Kastari escaped from prison in 2008—embarrassing tightly policed Singapore—by squeezing through a bathroom window at its Whitley Road Detention Center. Mr. Kastari spent 12 months on the run, evading a massive manhunt and raising fears that he was receiving support from a network of terrorist operatives across the region.

Malaysian police tracked down Mr. Kastari, who is of Indonesian descent, in Johor state in April 2009 and held him for interrogation until Friday, when authorities handed him back to their Singaporean counterparts. Singapore praised the cooperation on the suspect’s transfer, which came on the heels of bilateral talks between Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak and Singapore’s Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong.

Singaporean authorities accuse Mr. Kastari, who is in his late 40s, of being the chief of the Singapore wing of Jemaah Islamiyah, the group responsible for the 2002 bombings in Bali, Indonesia, which killed 202 people, as well as a slew of other attacks. Officials say Mr. Kastari hatched a plan to hijack an aircraft and crash it into Singapore’s Changi airport, one of the busiest terminals in the region.

Photo: here.

Philippines: Police hunts Indon training militants

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Not only Umar Patek and Heru Kuncoro are in the Philippines.

Indonesian officials have asked the Philippine authorities to track down an Indonesian fugitive wanted in connection with several beheadings who is now helping to train militants in an insurgency-wrecked Philippine region, security officials said yesterday.

Sanusi, like many Indonesians using only one name, has been monitored in Mindanao, two Philippine intelligence officials said.

He fled to the region after being accused of ordering militants in 2007 to behead three people in the eastern Indonesian town of Poso, where Islamist militants had launched a series of bloody attacks on Christians and government workers.

Sanusi has emerged as a key operative of Jemaah Islamiyah.

He is believed to have helped fund and organise religious and combat training for new Indonesian militant recruits in Mindanao, where local guerrillas are fighting to create an independent Muslim state.

via TODAYonline | World | Philippines hunts Indon training militants.

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Philippines: police detects Jemaah Islamiyah terrorists

Umar Patek
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Jakarta Post:

National Police spokesman Insp. Gen. Edward Aritonang said Wednesday that his team had detected the whereabouts of wanted terrorists Umar Patek (right) and Heru Kuncoro. However, the police refused to reveal the location for fear of  spoiling the hunt.

The Philippines‘ government reportedly has informed that Umar Patek alias Umar Syekh, as well as Heru, brother-in-law of Southeast Asia’s most wanted terrorist Dulmatin who was shot dead in a recent raid in Pamulang, Banten, was hiding in Sulu Island in the Philippines.

“We will coordinate [with the Philippine's government] about the information. However, we will remain alert [in continuing our pursuing],” Edward said as quoted by kompas.com.

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New Guinea: Islamic terrorist groups want to set foot on the Islands

Papua New Guinea, which shares half of the island of New Guinea with Indonesia, has resisted foreign attempts at colonization and conversion by Islam. However, as noted at DanielPipes.org, attempts to Islamize all the Christian and animist islands of Melanesia have become more aggressive.

Specifically, Indonesian jihadist groups like Jemaah Islamiyah and Mujahideen Kompak have tried to use their foothold in the western part of New Guinea (Western Papua) to expand Islam’s reach.

Mujahideen Kompak is a radical Islamist group that funnels zakat intended for disaster relief into the coffers of Southeast Asian jihadists. Despite ample evidence of their role as a jihadist financier, the Start Center, a Department of Homeland Security center based at the University of Maryland, tries to convince us that the funding for an aligned group with the same name is legitimate.

via Will Clinton denounce Islamic imperialism in New Guinea? « Money Jihad.

Read it all.

The U.N. Partners With Terror

Not only they want us to pay for a Global Tax on Internet. Now they are also making friends among terrorist groups… even if the UN itself has designated them as terrorists:

Two English language Arab news outlets (1, 2) reported this week that the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) has partnered with the Saudi-based International Islamic Relief Organization (IIRO)…. While both articles are celebrating this partnership, both fail to mention that IIRO has been designated as a terrorist group. On August 3, 2006, the U.S. Treasury Department designated both two branches of IIRO in the Philippines and Indonesia as terrorist organizations for providing money and support to Al Qaida-linked groups, notably Abu Sayyaf (ASG) in the Philippines and Jemaah Islamiyah (JI) in Indonesia. According to the Treasury Department:

The IIRO-PHL is a source of funding for the al Qaida-affiliated ASG. IIRO-PHL has served as a liaison for the ASG with other Islamic extremist groups. A former ASG member in the Philippines familiar with IIRO operations in the country reported that a limited amount of foreign IIRO funding goes to legitimate projects and the rest is directed to terrorist operations. (emphasis added)

via The U.N. Partners With Terror :: The Investigative Project on Terrorism.

Not only US considers this organization as a terrorist organisation. The UN also has designated it as a terrorist entity.


Logic, where are thou?

Philippines: MILF denies training detained JI militant

Links between Jemaah Islamiyah and MILF are not recent:

The Philippine largest rebel group, the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF), denied Friday that a suspected member of the Jemaah Islamiyah (JI)detained in Singapore had been trained in their camp.

Eid Kabalu, spokesperson for the MILF, denied that Mohamad Azmibin Ali, 41, was among those foreigners who underwent training on bomb-making in Camp Abubakar in Maguindanao in early 1980s.

Singapore officials recently alleged that Ali, who was arrested in November last year, was trained in lair of the MILF.

via MILF denies training detained JI militant_English_Xinhua.

Indonesia: Terror Suspect Caught

A day after nabbing terror suspect Bahrudin Latif, National Police Chief Gen. Bambang Hendarso Danuri on Friday vowed to keep fighting terrorism and promised more arrests in the near future.

…Bambang confirmed that the fugitive, the father-in-law of slain Malaysian terrorist Noordin Mohammed Top, was arrested on Thursday in Pameungpeuk, Garut, West Java.

Bahrudin, also known as Baridin, founded and managed the Al-Muaddib pesantren in the Adipolo subdistrict of Cilacap in Central Java. He left his house just three days before the police raided it for the first time on June 23. Police found chemicals that could be used to make explosives, as well as what they said was bomb-making equipment buried in the backyard.

The materials included sulphur, potassium, cables and detonators similar to the ones used in the bombs that hit Jakarta’s luxury JW Marriott and Ritz-Carlton hotels in July. Those bombings were blamed on a splinter terror group of Jemaah Islamiyah led by Noordin.

via More to Come, Police Pledge After Indonesian Terror Suspect Caught – The Jakarta Globe

Noordin was killed in a police raid, after two suicide attacks were carried out in the Ritz Carlton and Marriott Hotel in Jakarta.

Indonesia: Noordin killed in a shootout with Police


Indonesian authorities have confirmed that a man killed in a shootout with police this week is terrorist leader Noordin Top.

National police spokesman Nanan Sukarna said Saturday that DNA tests supported findings of an earlier fingerprint identification.

Noordin was one of four people killed in a raid Thursday on a militant hideout in Central Java. Three others were arrested.

Really. Good. News.

Related: Indonesians welcome death of terrorist leader.

The reasons of Noordin’s success.
Noordin uses a burqa to avoid police?
Noordin is alive.
Govt will tackle Islamic schools – and track down Noordin.
Noordin Mohammed Top, believed killed.
The JI’s “Jihad on Westerners” using social ties.
Thailand: Southern terrorists could have received training from JI.
Singapore: JI’s terrorist attack on Changi airport foiled.
Jakarta bombings: Malaysia questions 3 JI simpathizers.
Raids on JI terrorists prove existence of Islamist social nets.
3rd bomb in Jakarta bombings malfunctioned.
Malaysia: Noordin Mat Top not in the country.
Jakarta: suicide attacks most likely carried by JI offshoot.

Indonesia: terrorists from JI had planned to kill Obama

Militants behind the hotel bombings in Jakarta also planned to use snipers to attack Barack Obama’s convoy, according to an intelligence expert.

A link between the suicide bombings at the JW Marriott and Ritz-Carlton hotels on July 17, which killed nine people and wounded 53, and funding from a group linked to Al Qaeda is also being investigated, Dynno Chressbon, from the Centre for Intelligence and National Security, said.

He said that two of the four wanted suspects, Ario Sudarso and Mohamad Syahrir, had been trained for an attack on Obama, who is expected to visit Indonesia before the Asia-Pacific Economic Co-operation summit in Singapore in November.

“For Obama, they planned to attack the convoy around the airport using MK-IIIs,” he said, referring to a Russian-made sniper rifle that he said was used by the Taliban in Afghanistan and in Muslim conflict areas in the Philippines.

(…) The alleged snipers were from a group called the Indonesian Islamic State, which has a training camp in the restive southern Philippines and received support from a group headed by the Malaysian-born militant Noordin Mohammad Top, Chressbon said.

via Militants Behind Indonesia Bombings Planned Attack on Obama – International News | News of the World | Middle East News | Europe News – FOXNews.com.


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Philippines: leader of Islamist terrorist movement arrested


The Philippine National Police arrested the leader of a radical, al Qaeda-linked group of Islamist converts during a raid in Marawi City in the southern Philippines.

Dinno Amor Rosalejos Pareja, who is also known as Khalil Pareja and Abu Jihad, was captured after police surrounded his hideout. Pareja was charged by a court with fomenting a rebellion. He is being held without bail.

Pareja is believed to be the leader of the Rajah Solaiman Movement, a movement of Christians who converted to Islam. The Rajah Solaiman Movement was founded by Ahmad Santos. The movement seeks to establish an Islamic state in the Philippines.

Pareja assumed command of the terror group after Santos, Feliciano de los Reyes, and several other high-profile leaders in the Rajah Solaiman Movement were captured over the past several years.


The Rajah Solaiman Movement “received training, funds, and operational assistance” from both the Abu Sayyaf Group and Jemaah Islamiyah, the Treasury press release stated. In return, the Rajah Solaiman Movement has “provided field operatives and a pool of potential recruits” to the Abu Sayyaf Group and Jemaah Islamiyah.

The terror group began receiving funds from "private Saudi sources that channeled funds through charitable NGOs in the Philippines" starting in 2004, the US Treasury stated. "Between 2002 and late 2005, Saudi financiers and at least one Saudi-based Filipino financier also contributed funds to RSM [Rajah Solaiman Movement] for its training camps and planned terror operations."

More in philstar:

The RSM is believed to be behind the 2004 ferry bombing that killed 116 people in Manila Bay. It was the second-most deadly terror attack in Southeast Asia after the 2002 attack on the Indonesian resort island of Bali that killed 202 people.


  1. Philippines: clashes with terrorists leave 43 dead.
  2. Thailand: Souther terrorists could have received training from JI.
  3. Landmine attack by leftist terrorists kill two soldiers, wounds 2.
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  5. Philippines’ military clueles on JI wherabouts.
  6. Twin bomb blast, kills 6, wounds 40.
  7. JI behind bombing of Philippines’ Inmaculate Conception Cathedral?
  8. Bomb blast aoutside Cathedral kills at least 5 people.

Indonesia: Govt will tackle Islamic schools – and track down Noordin

Tracking down and rolling up Noordin’s network — and the man himself given that DNA tests are expected to come back negative (after the raid in which he was believed killed) — is the job of Detachment 88, the National Police counter-terrorism unit. But analysts say the central government must take a long-term view of the country’s terrorism problem and begin tackling it at its source.

Terrorism’s roots, they say, lie within the country’s Islamic boarding schools. According to Sidney Jones of the International Crisis Group, about 50 pesantrens are believed linked to Jemaah Islamiyah, the regional terrorist network of which Noordin was once a key member.

“The schools are still important, less for what they teach than for the connections made there,” said Jones, a JI expert. “It’s not so much ‘massive’ recruiting that’s the problem, but more that I would place the santri [orthodox Muslims] at these schools near the top of vulnerable populations for recruitment. And it only takes a visit by one extremist to bring a couple more on board.”

Indonesia has as many as 45,000 Islamic boarding schools, Jones said, but only about 15,000 are registered with the Ministry of Religious Affairs. Analysts have criticized the ministry for not overseeing the schools’ curriculums, which could be blinds for private study sessions for handpicked students with extremist teachers.

More here:

Some 17 people involved in Indonesia’s spate of terror attacks graduated from the al-Mukmin Islamic school in Ngruki, Sukoharjo, according to the Brussels-based International Crisis Group. Most of the radical books including one written by a terrorist executed for his role in the 2002 Bali bombings are sold near the school.

“Impassioned youngsters who want to die as martyrs seek out Noordin” because they think he’s “cool” and “like a rock idol,” said Noor Huda Ismail, an analyst with the Jakarta- based Institute for International Peacebuilding, and a graduate of al-Mukmin.

Al-Mukmin is the school for children founded by fanatic Abu Bakar Bashir on the outskirts of Solo, central Java. The pro-terrorist cleric has ever refused to condemn Jihadi attacks, saying that “if infidels get involved, even in thought (against Islam), they must be killed“. It seems the Govt will adress the “fundamentalist ideology” as counterterrorism experts have pointed out. With the President now a target, in fulfillment of Bali terrorists’ menace against “any one involved in their death“, I suspect they are going to hurry to prevent more attacks.

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Indonesia: Noordin Mohammed Top, believed killed*

Suspected terrorist mastermind Noordin Mohamed Top was believed to have been killed in a Central Java police raid today.

Indonesian police this afternoon were evacuating bodies from the house they had stormed, believing that the regional militant leader was hiding on the premises with several followers.

Indonesian news stations carried television footage of the raid, and quoted a police source as being “80 per cent certain” that Top had been in the house.

Bill Roggio reports he committed suicide after an standoff with the police:

Noordin Mohammed Top, Asia’s most wanted terrorist, committed suicide after a 12-hour standoff with Indonesian police in a remote farm house in Central Java.

Police made visual confirmation of Top through cameras attached to remote control robots that were deployed into the house and watched as he fled into a bathroom and, surrounded by a woman and three children, blew himself up, Metro TV reported. The explosion occurred at 8 am Saturday local-time (9 pm EDT Friday) and was carried on live television.

The woman is believed to be the children’s granmother. Indonesian police has not confirmed yet Noordin’s death. But that hasn’t been the only operation against terrorists in Indonesia:

In a separate operation on Friday evening, Densus 88 raided a safe house near Jakarta in Bekasi and disrupted planned major attacks on Istana Merdeka, the presidential palace, and the president’s official residence in Cikeas, a suburb of Bogor, which is two hours south of the capital. The raid followed the capture of a Daihatsu Xenia minivan that carried a 500 Kg bomb.

Two suspected terrorists, Air Setyawan (28) and Eko Peyang (21), attempted to flee the safehouse and were shot by police. Both men died after being taken to the hospital. Both men have been associated with recent terrorist attacks and activities. Setyawan was involved in the 2004 attack on the Australian embassy in Jakarta while Peyang had become Top’s main bombmaker, According to Detik News.
Read it all.

More photos from the raid, here.

*Indonesian national police chief has said that Noordin was preparing a terrorist attack on the President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, recently elected.

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Indonesia: The JI’s “Jihad on Westerners” using social ties

An update on the social ties of terrorists:

His new network’s activities in and around Palembang, a sprawling city of 1.5 million people on the island of Sumatra, show how they operated.

The river port city is a melting pot of Malay, Indian and Chinese people, with a history as a pirate lair. Today, it’s a dusty, traffic-clogged city known for its criminal gangs, and for the Masjid Agung, one of the nation’s largest mosques, which fills up on Fridays when people from across the city come to pray.

In 2006, according to police documents, an emissary of Mr. Noordin known as Syaifuddin Zuhri, but who used the alias Sabit, arrived at a small Islamic school called al Furqon, about four hours’ drive south of Palembang. His mission: To exhort a nonviolent study group of about 10 people concerned about Christian conversions of local Muslims to consider attacks on Western targets.


Mr. Sabit introduced Mr. Taib to a master bomb maker, who later trained others in the group, and supplied him with a loaded revolver and 11 spare bullets to be used in attacks on “infidels,” Mr. Taib said in trial testimony.

Members of the group went on, in 2007, to shoot dead a Christian schoolteacher in Palembang who had persuaded his Muslim female students not to wear their veils. The members also built bombs and planned to attack tourist cafes in a Sumatran hill resort popular with backpackers, according to testimony. The group called off the attacks at the last minute because they didn’t want to also kill Indonesian Muslims.

(…) After being arrested (…), eight members of the group confessed and were convicted of the teacher’s murder and of planning attacks, and received prison sentences of between 10 and 18 years. Mr. Sugandi was given a five-year sentence for harboring terrorists, and his school shut down. Mr. Sabit wasn’t captured.

via Indonesian Terrorists Find Refuge – WSJ.com.

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Indonesia: Possible Connection Between Jemaah Islamiyah and Somali “Militants”

The Indonesian Foreign Minister, Hassan Wirajuda, has suggested that there maybe some connection between the Somali terrorists militants arrested in Australia for a suicide bomb plot to Southeast Asian terrorist group Jemaah Islamiyah.

The Jakarta bombings are believed to be the work of a Jemaah Islamiah faction and the Sydney plot has been blamed on a radical Somali Islamist group, al-Shabab. Al-Shabab is said to have links to al-Qaeda and with Somali pirates (yes, it has links with both sides, because they are allied: Somali AQ warlords are receiving money from pirates’ captures).

Mr Wirajuda said in Cairns last night he did not believe the Jakarta bombings and the alleged Australian plot were linked directly, but the groups alleged to be behind them could well be connected.

“I believe that they are not directly connected, but they might be connected at the top,” Mr Wirajuda said.

via Possible Connection Between Jemaah Islamiyah and Somali Militants.

Well, ehmmm, of course, all of them are real friends from the bottom of their hearts (supposing they have any at all).

But is Indonesia preparing some measures to target Islamist ideology in their country?

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