Canada: woman gets “honour-killed” by husband, it isn’t reported by MSM

She began to change, friends say. Shahdady no longer wanted to wear a burka that covered her face and body but would don just the hijab head scarf instead. She’d registered at the Adult Learning Centre to work on her high school diploma this fall and was hoping to one day realize her dream of becoming a doctor.

“All her friends were finishing college or university and getting good jobs and she felt she was being left behind,” explains family friend Zaffar Baloch. “She wanted to throw away the veil and live an ordinary independent life of a woman.”

But she had to sponsor her husband here and his arrival in May forced her back into the cage she had struggled so long to escape. He wanted her to wear a burka, to stay away from Facebook, to put aside any plans she had of resuming a secular education.

“She rebelled,” explains Tarek Fatah, founder of the Muslim Canadian Congress. “With the help of social services, she got an apartment for herself and her son. She was leaving her husband and asking for a divorce. How dare she? It would dishonour everyone.”

She and her son moved out July 1. After just three weeks of freedom, she was dead.

Between 1 and 2 a.m. on July 22, neighbours in the building at 3131 Eglinton Ave. E. heard the shrill screaming of a child that went on for 15 minutes. And then silence. More than 15 hours later, Shahdady’s distraught father discovered his 2-year-old grandson alone in the apartment with his daughter’s dead body. She had been strangled on her bed.

via Deafening silence greets honour killing | Toronto & GTA | News | Toronto Sun.  Via BCF.

Ukraine: teenager killed after taking part in a beauty contest

A teenage Muslim girl was stoned to death under ‘Sharia law’ after taking part in a beauty contest in Ukraine.

Katya Koren, 19, was found dead in a village in the Crimea region near her home.

Friends said she liked wearing fashionable clothes and had come seventh in a beauty contest.

Found here.

Of course, she wasn’t a non-Muslim girl who could be abused because the way she dressed. So, she should be killed… :shock:

Bulletin of the Oppression of Women March 10 – March 25, 2010

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March 10, 2010Saudi Arabia
This report reviews the current attempts to reduce escalating conflicts over child bride marriages and in Egypt and Saudi Arabia.
In Egypt religious conservatism is growing.

March 11, 2010
Federal immigration officials say there’s little they can do to stop “child brides” from being sponsored into Canada by much older husbands who wed them in arranged marriages abroad.
There have been over thirteen honor killings in two months in Palestine. (T&P post on this here).
A Christian girl working as housemaid was raped by the son of her Muslim employer. When she threatened to report him to police, she was burnt by the rapist and his sister. Also HERE. Continue reading

Turkey: official figures on "honor killings" (U)

A total of 43 women lost their lives (17 murdered and 26 committed suicide) in eastern and south-eastern Anatolia alone in the opening two months of this year. These figures appear in the pro-government newspaper, Sabah, which cites as its source Birgul Kitay, the head of the Ka-Mer (Women’s Centre)Women’s Association in Bingol, in this Kurdish majority eastern part of Turkey. The area rose to prominence in news reports a few days ago when a man, who had been given a three-month sentence for beating his wife, six-months into pregnancy with her fifth child, cut off his wifés nose and ears as a punishment for having reported him

via ANSAmed.

(U) Meanwhile, Sweden is going to give Turkey $8.4M per year: Swedish Government wants to facilitate reforms which would facilitate Turkey’s entry in the EU.


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UK: Another charged over Banaz Mahmoud killing

banaz mahmoud timeline_468x455Banaz Mahmod, 20, disappeared from her family home in Mitcham, south London, in January 2006 and her body was discovered in Handsworth, Birmingham, three months later.Omar Hussain, 30, from Smethwick, Birmingham, will appear at Greenwich Magistrates’ Court later today charged with her murder.

He is also charged with the attempted kidnap of Rahmat Suleimani, Miss Mahmod’s boyfriend, and with attempting to pervert the course of justice.

via Omar Hussain Charged Over ‘Honour Killing’ Of Banaz Mahmod, Who’s Body Was Found In A Suitcase | UK News | Sky News.

banaz mahmod

The Telegraph omits all reference to “honor killing”.


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Lebanon: man arrested after "(honor) killing" his sister

A Lebanese man has been arrested in northern Lebanon for killing his sister earlier this week in what authorities described as an honour killing, a security official said on Friday.

“The 24-year-old victim was single and apparently had a boyfriend,” the security official told AFP. “(Her brother) admitted shooting her twice in the head to cleanse the family honour.”

The woman was only identified by her initials, as was her 28-year-old brother. Her body was discovered on Tuesday on the main road of the village of Hakr al-Daheri, in the northern Akkar region.

There are not a lot of news about honor killings in Lebanon, but discrimination against women still exists. This article describes women’s situation in Lebanon. Regarding violence against women, it says:

gender-based violence and impunity in spousal abuse remain pervasive, Khalaf said, although she added a number of organizations and help lines are increasingly available for women in need of help. Honor killings still occur – between 1999 and 2007, 66 court sessions reportedly took place related to 82 murders of women, with lenient sentences given to their perpetrators.

“When courts are incapable of upholding basic legal rights in the face of political and societal pressures, those guilty of spousal abuse, gender-based discrimination, or even murder, often walk free,” said Kelly.


  1. Honor Killings of Women in Palestinian society.
  2. Bulletin of the Oppression of Women, Feb 5.
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  13. UN: 1000 honor killing victims out of 5000, from Pakistan.
  14. UK: Mehmet Goran found guilty of 15-year-old daughter Tulay’s honor killing.
  15. UK: Jurors begin 4th day of deliberations in honor killing’s trial.
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Germany: Turkish immigrant tells court how he killed his 15-year-old daughter, denies it was an honour-killing

He stabbed his daughter 68 times, now he claims he thought she was an intruder:

A Turkish doner kebab vendor told a German court Wednesday how he stabbed his teenaged daughter 68 times in their home, but he denied the attack was an honour killing. Prosecutors in the southern town of Schweinfurt have charged him with murder, alleging he killed Busra, 15, because she had a boyfriend, 17, and was a heavy user of her mobile phone and the internet.

But Mehmet O, aged 46, claimed he mistook her for a burglar.

"What I did was horrible," the accused said in a statement read out for him by his lawyer. "What happened has nothing to do with family honour." He claimed he heard a noise in the night last June, grabbed a kitchen knife, and attacked an intruder.

The girl’s bloodied body was found the next day on the sofa where she had slept. The accused vanished. When police caught him, he made a remark about his daughter "not choosing the Muslim way." The court is expected to ask him what that meant.

For what this piece of news says, he is a killer and a liar. Of course, any normal persona who thinks that there is a burglar in his/her house, wouldn’t call the police but let the burglar dead in the sofa. Yeah, right!!…

Germany: asylum seeker jailed for life after killing his wife because she was “too independent

A Muslim asylum seeker has been sentenced to life in prison after killing his German-born wife because she was ‘too independent’, a court in Germany heard today.

The 27-year-old Kurdish man, identified only as Onder B, was found guilty today of stabbing his wife in the eyes, beating her with a billiard cue and then running over her in his car. (lovable fellow! He really wanted her dead… .: confusion :.).

His mother-in-law had once told him to be ‘strict’ with her strong-willed daughter, Mujde – who was also Onder’s cousin.

On New Year’s Eve 2008 he stabbed his 18-year-old wife Mujde 46 times and beat her with a billiard cue.

And because she was ‘already so disfigured from the stabbing and beating that she would hate me for the rest of her life,’ he got into his car and ran over her body several times.

Read more:

Well, well… what about that mother who told this kind of @#€@# to be “strict”? If I would be the judge, I would charge her for inciting to commit murder.

What a lovable family!! :roll:

Mujde, you weren’t like these pious Muslim women:

poligamiaIsn’t it a marvellous sea-bathing image?

Gaza: father “honor” tortures, kills his daughter

Elder of Ziyon: “Honor killing” in Gaza

According to police sources in Jabalya, at approximately 09:30 on Friday morning, 24 July 2009, Jawdat al-Najar, from Jabalya, gave himself up to the police station in Jabalya. He confessed that he killed his daughter, Fadia, inside his home in a late hour on Thursday. He claimed that he found a mobile phone with his daughter and she was talking with someone, which he suspected as an illegitimate relation.

Sources of the forensic medicine department at Shifa Hospital reported that there were signs of torture throughout the victim’s body, as well as a fracture in her skull due to her was hit by an iron chain.

Absolutely brutal, disturbing… don’t have words really. cry

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Canada: honor killings on the rise, expert says

`Honour killings’ of girls and women on the rise in Canada: expert.

typical girl emoticon for MSNAs many as 5,000 women and girls lose their lives – most at the hands of family members – in “honour killings” around the world each year, according to the United Nations.

Up to a dozen have died for the same reason in Canada in the last decade, and it’s happening more often, says Amin Muhammad, a psychiatrist who studies honour killings at Memorial University in Newfoundland.

“There are a number of organizations which don’t accept the idea of honour killing; they say it’s a Western-propagated myth by the media, but it’s not true,” he says. “Honour killing is there, and we should acknowledge it, and Canada should take it seriously.”

Kingston, Ont., police are now investigating that as a motive in the deaths of three teenage sisters and an older female relative who were found in a car submerged in the Rideau Canal in Kingston on June 30. The girls’ mother, father and brother were arrested on Wednesday and charged with first-degree murder.

You can also read this.

When Islam is forwarded as a state religion in the many countries from whence Muslim immigrants originate, their society is heavily influenced by the interpretative moral authority of the religion. When it encourages violence and apartheid against women, it begets violence and apartheid. When it encourages immoral actions in the name of morality, it betrays the original purposes of religion, being one of an omnipresent moral supremacy that maintains law and order through servitude to righteousness. Murdering your children serves nobody, but the false idols of some imagined “honour”. This kind of mentality has nothing to do with culture, then, but with the prefix of that word, the “cult”. The fact is that Islam has become, for all intents and purposes, a large cult that imposes immoral authority, and forces compliance through acts of terrorism against it’s own people.

A post to reflect about this phenomenon.

Canadian Minister Peter Van Loan has spoken against honor killings in Canada:

:canadarocks:Public Safety Minister Peter Van Loan opened the door to tougher penalties for honour killings yesterday, saying it is a crime Canadian society cannot accept.

This notion that it is appropriate to kill a family member because of your disapproval of their lifestyle or choices like that is simply unacceptable in our society. I have a very serious problem with that.”

(…) Van Loan said he believes the very term honour killing is “highly inappropriate” and those who move to Canada need to know that “those kinds of norms and values” are not appropriate.

We certainly try to encourage people when they come to Canada to recognize the importance of Canadian values and to respect the laws of this country. That’s something that we expect all people who come to Canada to do.”

This is speaking clearly about the issue…

Meanwhile the lawyer of the accused of the Kingston’s murders is considering a change of venue:

Ferdoussi says the media’s talk of the crime as an “honour killing” has effectively poisoned the atmosphere in both in Kingston, where the crime happened, and Montreal, where the family lived in St. Leonard.

Well, the murdered women are murdered. This people at least, can be worried about the “poisonous atmosphere” of the place they live in.

Authorities are now fearing for the alleged murderers safety, after they have received death threats.

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Spain: Moroccan attempts an Honor Killing, stabs 20 times his daughter

Pú – Detenido tras asestar 20 navajazos a una de sus hijas

The Basque Autonomous Police (Ertzaintza) detained on Sunday night in Portugalete (Vizcaya) a 43-year-old man of Maghrebi origin, accused of stabbing his 20-year-old daughter 20 times and of hurting another two sons, according to the Basque Interior Department.

The attack began inside the family’s home, in Ruperto Medina’s st, when the man stabbed his older daughter. Her teenage brothers, another girl and a boy, tried to end the quarrel and got hurt. She has a cut in one hand. He fell off the stairs..

Both of them succeded in fleeing the house asking for help, while the stabbed girl got in one neighbour’s house. But the father followed the first ones and had a hard discussion with his son in the street. According to another neighbour, who was woken up by the “shouts”, everything happened very quickly. Several minutes afterwards, the Police arrived at the scene and arrested the man. “He was shouting like a mad man and was very difficult to handle”, the witness say. (…).

(…) According to the police, the dispute was caused by the cultural clash between the two generations of this family of Maghrebi origin. While the two sisters were very well known and appreciated in their Portugalete district, no one know the father.

Asesta 20 cuchilladas a su hija al descubrir que salía con un joven que no es musulmán. El Correo

Police are investigating on the basis that the father, Moroccan and a very strict Muslim, got angry after discovering a photo of the young 20-year-old Mumai, with a non-Muslim boy who can be her boyfriend.

via Anclaos, blog that comments that there has been nearly no mention in the Spanish MSM about this horrible crime.

The girl is now at the hospital, where she needed an emergency operation. According to doctors, she is in a serious condition.

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India: four held in honor-killing case

Four held in Jind honour-killing case

Police revampThe Jind police on Saturday arrested four people in connection with the lynching of Ved Pal Mor of Mataur at his in laws village Singhwal four days ago. In yet another case of honour killing, villagers had allegedly lynched Pal in the presence of policemen when he had come to take his newly-wed wife Sonia back with him. The couple had roused the ire of the village community since they belonged to the same sub-caste.

Deputy Commissioner Mohammad Shayin who is supervising the case said that those arrested namely, Dhanraj, Mahender, Mewa Singh and Shamsher Singh were from the same village and had allegedly egged on the mob that lynched Pal. “We have received some definite clues about the whereabouts of those involved in the crime and will soon bring them to book,” said Shayin.

This is an update on this story.

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Canada: 3 teenage girls and their mother murdered in honor killing

From Canada – a horrible crime (story link here). Three teenage girls and their mother. Allegedly, a man took two wives while living in Afghanistan but could only claim one as he’s now living in Canada. Reportedly, he has seven children with his other wife. The woman reported receiving death threats and fearing for her life in emails to relatives. The car was found submerged with the women inside. Individuals who knew them and some family members are insisting it was an honor killing.

via Riehl World View: Four Dead In Suspected Honor Killing.

Last news are that the husband has been charged for the four murders

Phyllis Chesler (via Astute Bloggers) is suprised the police has called it an “honor killing”. She also comments on the statistics in Canada:

At 2pm EST today, on a CFRA radio press conference, it was announced that the deaths of four Afghan-Canadian girls and women was a “Muslim honor killing.” If so, this is the fifth known honor killing in Canada since 1999 and it brings the death toll to nine victims. I am no statistician but I have friends who are and they tell me that this is a very high number given that the Muslim population in Canada is no more than 750,000.

She adds:

A mysterious accident indeed. Nevertheless, yesterday, the police arrested Mohammed Shafi, his second wife, Tooba, and their eldest son on their way to Montreal’s Trudeau’s International airport. Why would they be leaving at this point? Where were they going?

Yes. Why?

Germany: Afghan man held over murder ‘in the name of the Koran’

Munich police are questioning a 27-year-old Afghan man suspected of stabbing his former wife to death “in the name of the Koran,” police sources said Tuesday. A Munich police spokesman said the 24-old Afghan woman Nesima R., whose full name was withheld for legal reasons, had been stabbed some 20 times, and that the suspect had given the Koran as a justification for the attack.

The woman received stab wounds to the heart and died Monday in hospital.

The pair are believed to have been married while in Afghanistan, although when Zafar, a 27-year-old unemployed painter, came to Germany in 2008, he found the woman in a new relationship with a cousin.

Police think that the former couple, who have a daughter, may themselves have been cousins.

The 3-year-old daughter was an eyewitness to the stabbing, which took place early on Monday morning. A niece of the victim also saw the attack, which occurred outside her apartment.

via Afghan man held over murder ‘in the name of the Koran’ : Europe World.

More here.

Where is the outrage in the Muslim world, as happened with the “Hijab Martyr”? Of course, this time was in “the name of Islamic honor”, not in the “name of Neo-Nazi racism”. The religion of the victim is not interesting… as it was made in the “name of the Koran”. What a bunch of hypocrites! :angrymob:

‘Honour killing’ sentence against Pakistani upheld

An Italian court of appeal upheld on Friday a 30-year prison sentence for a Pakistani father who murdered his daughter in a so-called honour killing in 2006.

The young woman’s two brothers-in-law, who were also jailed for 30 years for their part in her death, saw their sentence reduced to 17 years, Sky TG24 news channel reported. The stabbed body of Hina Saleem, 21, was found buried in the garden of the family home in Sarezzo, near the northern city of Brescia, on August 11, 2006.

Ms Saleem, who reportedly refused an arranged marriage with a cousin, had been estranged from her family and lived with her Italian boyfriend Giuseppe Tempini.

via ‘Honour killing’ sentence against Pakistani upheld -DAWN – Top Stories; December 06, 2008.

Meanwhile this is at least surprising:

Eight United Nations agencies have co-sponsored the first Palestinian ‘festival’ to combat violence against women, driving home the message that so-called “honour killings” have nothing to do with honour and seeking to break the conspiracy of silence surrounding domestic abuse.

“It is time for action, not words,” UN Development Fund for Women (UNIFEM) Program Manager in the Occupied Palestinian Territory Alia’ Al-Yassir said in the inaugural speech of the festival held, Thursday, in Ramallah. “UN agencies are working as one on this issue and supporting civil societies in their efforts to end violence against women

Well, I don’t think that a “festival” is going to change anything, least if organised by UN. But it’s something refreshing to see some people in those places really worried about this.

Then there is also this other statement:

“Islam does not permit illicit relationship, but killing a girl for this reason is a cold-blooded murder and is a serious offence under the Islamic law,” chairman of Shariyat Court Maulana Irfan Mufti Zulfikar said.

There are so many people going against Islam, then… Of course, this man is from India and was ruling in a case where a girl was killed out of honor.

India: 7 arrested in honor killing case

The Haryana police has arrested seven residents of Bhiwani’s Kaluwas village on suspicion of their involvement in the public lynching of two teenage girls on the Diwali night.

(…) All the seven villagers are relatives of Geeta and Manisha, who were brutally beaten and then burnt alive because they had dared to go out and meet their “boyfriends” when their families were busy celebrating Diwali.

Police officials, who had to literally be goaded into action in the case, said the accused had been booked for conspiracy and murder.

via The Asian Age – Enjoy the difference

The fathers of the two girls have been also arrested.

Terrible, eh? Just because they went out and met their boyfriends….BURNT ALIVE.

17-year-old Pakistani girl's death prompts outcry

Female senators staged a walkout from the federal parliament Monday to press for action on better protections for women after a national newspaper published details of Tasleem Solangi’s death.

“How long will women be buried alive and made to face hungry dogs? Women are not given their rights,” opposition lawmaker Semi Siddiqui said.Ibrahim Solangi, 28, has been in custody ever since Taslim’s death in March and is awaiting trial on murder charges, said Pir Mohammad Shah, the police chief of the Khairpur Mirs district in southern Pakistan. Taslim’s husband was also her first cousin.

via 17-year-old Pakistani girl’s death prompts outcry – Yahoo! Singapore News

Just consider: a 17-year-old Pakistani girl was fed to some hungry dogs and then shot to death:

Speaking to reporters in Karachi on Monday, Taslim’s father said he was locked up in his home and forced to watch from a window as dogs chased her and then mauled her when she fell down exhausted. She then was shot, he said.

Gulsher Solangi said the killing was the culmination of a land dispute. He said his nephew had beaten Taslim throughout the five months of their marriage to pressure him to hand over his small farm.

Faced with more threats, Gulsher Solangi said he had fled with his wife and another daughter and abandoned his home.

Zameer Hussain Solangi, the girl’s father-in-law, claimed Monday that his son confessed to the killing under police torture and that the allegation regarding the dogs was “baseless.”

He said a tribal council later declared the dead woman an adulterer and compensated the husband with her jewelry.

Amazing: she was killed because his father didn’t want to hand over his farm and the tribal council disguised everything as an honor killing because she was an adulterer!!! A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!! has more. Read it: it’s worth it.

Related news: Pakistani rewarded with honor killing: gets 3 girls as wifes, 20 water buffalo.

Jordanian Man Kills Sister to Cleanse His Family's Honor

A Jordanian judicial official says a 30-year-old man has been arrested for allegedly killing his sister to cleanse the family’s honor.

The official says the man, who lives in the southern city of Aqaba, used his traditional robe to strangle the woman.

The official spoke Tuesday on condition of anonymity because he’s not authorized to speak to the media.

The man confessed to Sunday’s killing, saying his sister would leave the family home without their approval.

via – Jordanian Man Kills Sister to Cleanse His Family’s Honor – International News | News of the World | Middle East News | Europe News

Well, again and again anad again and again, the same happens…