BBC and WYD: support for the violent anti-Catholic so-called “indignados”

A demonstrator against the Pope's visit shouts at a praying pilgrim

A demonstrator against the Pope's visit shouts at a praying pilgrim

BeliefNet has a very good comment on the subject:

“Over a hundred of these fringe protest groups coalesced, as they so often do, into a confused mêlée of conflicting special interests,” reported Yiannopoulos. “They were united, however, in the sheer nastiness with which they expressed their views. To give but one example — as pilgrims sang “Hallelujah”, “Long Live the Pope!” and Benedicto!” demonstrators responded with shrieks of “Nazis!” and “Padophiles, watch out children!”

“So much for the inclusive tolerance trumpeted by the Left,” writes Yiannopolos. ”Here in Madrid was its real face: a sneering, violent mob of self-righteous bullies who thought it appropriate to hurl abuse at children for the crime of having pride in their faith and being excited about by a visit from the Holy Father.”

Yesterday, police had to protect us from an “indignados’” mob who wanted to “beat us” just for being Catholics and the day before yesterday, pilgrims were targeted (most of them youngsters and one of them in a wheelchair) because “Catholics provoke us, they shouldn’t exist. We should burn them alive like in 1936“. Everything with this kind of “beautiful” and “elegant” images, which tried to mock Christian Catholic faith:

A penis with a rosary hanging from it: they pretend to critisize Catholics with that

A penis with a supposed rosary hanging from it: they pretend to critisize Catholics with that


1936. Most of my family was murdered that same year because they were Catholic and Libertarian-Conservatives. I hope history doesn’t repeat itself.

Anyway, as Catholic Herald writes: “Madrid will never forget this scenes of devotion” and “The street party pauses for the Way of the Cross“.

More photos here.

A note: this event hasn’t cost the taxpayers a dime, because it has been paid by the pilgrims (70% of the total cost) and the sponsors (the rest 30%).

Iraq: Five Christians killed and 20 wounded

Final death toll here. “On Oct. 31, Thomas’ brother-in-law bled to death on the church floor after militants stormed the building, shot congregants in the first row, held others hostage and then set off bombs when Iraqi forces came to the rescue. Then Wednesday morning, two bombs went off in quick succession outside his home. “We are terrified,” Thomas said, who sought refuge with his family Wednesday at the church. “I cannot go back to my house. They will attack again. They want to kill us.

Three dead and 26 injuries is the provisional death toll from a series of attacks against Christian homes this morning in different districts of Baghdad. Between 6 and 8 this morning, two mortar shells and dozens of homemade bombs exploded in front of the homes of the faithful.Last night in the capital three other Christian houses were hit by bombs, without causing any victims. Despite this, the Prime Minister al Maliki is urging Christians not to abandon the country.

The latest attacks come only 10 days after the October 31 attack on the Syrian Catholic Church of Our Lady of Salvation, and after threats from Al Qaeda to eliminate Christians from the Middle East. The attack on the parish killed 44 faithful, two priests and seven security guards. About 90 people were injured. Of these, the first group (37, to be followed by those remaining) arrived in France on Nov. 8 to receive treatment offered by the European nation, the only one to propose such support. Continue reading

Pope in Spain: one can not live without truth, freedom

Pope Benedict XVI

Man can not live without freedom, and without truth and ” Honestly seeking and aspiring to truth is the condition of authentic freedom.” This the first message addressed by Benedict XVI to Spain, where he arrived this morning (saturday) at 11.30. The first leg of the two day visit is Santiago de Compostela, the culmination of the “Way” that down through the centuries has seen pilgrims from around the world come to pay homage to the Apostle James.

On arrival, a foggy day, the Pope was greeted by the Prince of Asturias, Felipe and Letizia of Spain, with whom, after the welcoming ceremony, he also had a private meeting.

Benedict XVI, from his arrival, called himself a pilgrim. “I wish to join the great host of men and women who down the centuries have come to Compostela from every corner of this peninsula, from throughout Europe and indeed the whole world, in order to kneel at the feet of Saint James and be transformed by the witness of his faith“. “In his deepest being, – he continued – man is always on a journey, ever in search of truth. The Church shares this profound human desire and herself sets out, accompanying humanity in its yearning for complete fulfilment. At the same time, the Church pursues her own interior journey which, through faith, hope and love, leads her to become a transparent sign of Christ for the world. This is her mission and her path“.

via VATICAN- SPAIN Pope in Spain: one can not live without truth, freedom – Asia News.

Zaatero went yesterday to say goodbye to the Pope as he went back to Rome. The joke here is that Zapatero was really making sure the Pope went back to Rome.

This is the best part of his message in Spain. His words about aggressive laicism, weren’t well received by the Government. Anyway, the worst thing of these two days has been the huge hypocrisy shown by Spanish polititians. They are always telling everyone that the Catholic Church is an antique and that the priests are a bunch of conservative guys who support Franco in disguise and protect pedophiles or something of the sort. Well, these days they have exhibited a “devotion” so marked (even crossing themselves and going to church) that it’s really moving.. if you don’t think that there is a crisis and they need the votes. :roll:

BY the way, Spanish MSM (with very few exceptions) have insisted on the “cold reception” that Barcelona, in particular, has given the Pope. So, I’m copying from Australian (found) and you can judge:

Among an estimated 250,000 people gathered for the Pope, thousands watched on giant screens outside and broke into applause as his blessing transformed the edifice into a Basilica.

MK protests about the bias of AP. Spanish MSM are even worse. Just a comparison: last Saturday in Madrid there was a demonstration against Govt-ETA negotiation (again…) that gathered several thousand people in protest. Nearly no MSM have reported on it, but the gay kissing at Barcelona, has been widely reported.

Anyway, the worst weren’t the kisses: you can kiss wherever you want and I don’t think that anyone gets shocked at an homosexual couple kissing these days. The worst were the “slogans” they chanted and above all the one that says “the church that lights is the one on the flames“. Of course, none of them do this when Iranian or Saudi representatives come to Spain on official visit. So, it’s true what the Pope said about anti-clericalism and laicism, and that’s why some people have not taken it really well.

Vatican releases document on ME Christian persecution

Attacks on Christians in the Middle East and Islamic fundamentalism will be the focus of talks at the Vatican with Catholic bishops who serve in the region.

Catholic officials have stated in a report the growth of the Internet has helped spread radical groups and specifically points to countries such as Saudi Arabia.

It also expresses concern that more attacks will be launched against Christians in the Middle East.

The report goes on to say the growth of Islamism has led to an increase of violence against Christians "almost everywhere."

The document released today by the Vatican says the application of Sharia law,quote, "always constitutes discrimination and, therefore a violation of a person’s human rights".

Well said.

Riots will begin in 3, 2, 1…  Waiting

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US: “No Catholics in ERs”, says pro-abortion politician

They shouldn’t work at ERs because they oppose morning after pill:

Massachusetts Senate candidate Martha Coakley is coming under fire today for comments showing her attacking the conscience rights of pro-life Catholics. In a Thursday interview, Coakley is asked whether doctors and nurses working in a hospital emergency room have religious freedom. Because they oppose dispensing the morning after pill because it can sometimes cause an abortion she says Catholics should not be allowed to work in hospital emergency rooms

…. “In the emergency room you still have your religious freedom,” Pittman tells Coakley.

She responds: The law says that people are allowed to have that. You can have religious freedom but you probably shouldn’t work in the emergency room.”

The Senate candidate adds that there should be “separation of church and state” when it comes to the religious freedom of Catholics.

Coakley wishes for Catholic-free ERs « Down under on the right side.

Would this gal have said that against other non-Catholics who also are pro-life?

Just consider too her statement: “the law says people are allowed to have (religious freedom)“. So, she isn’t even believing that religious freedom actually exists!! :shock:

I hope she isn’t elected…

Portugal: Our Lady of Fatima’s sanctuary vandalised

Pope John Paul II's statue ouside Our Lady of Fatima sanctuary, vandalised

Pope John Paul II's statue ouside Our Lady of Fatima sanctuary, vandalised

Our Lady of Fatima announced, in an official press release, its unhappiness after the building was vandalised on Sunday Jan 10th.

The responsibles of the sanctuary explain that, in this occasion, the four statues that are situated around the sanctuary of the Saint Trinity Church (Popes Paul VI, John Paul II and Pio XII and Bishop José Alves Correia da Silva) and the church building were vandalised with black graffitis, with words such as “Islam”, “Moon”, “Sun”, “Muslim” and “Mosque”.

“This morning, Jan 11th, we will begin the difficult removal of the inscriptions”, has said in a press release the speaker to Agência ECCLESIA.

“After acknowledging the vandalism on our church and being the authors unkown, the Sanctuary speaks publicly about our unhappiness and announces the matter is now in police’s hands”, concludes the press release.

via Fátima lamenta actos de vandalismo – Agência Ecclesia.


Portuguese authorities have remarked “this has been an isolated incident and that it seems that it wasn’t organised nor related to any organisation“. It would be helpful if, instead of speaking about what could or couldn’t be, they investigate first, then, when evidence is gathered and logical conclusions are reached, they speak.

It certainly can only be a very bad taste joke or some Islamic extremists Islamic peaceful guys who just didn’t have anything better to do.

Related: Our Lady of Fatima @ Wikipedia.

(Translation: T&P)

Islam 2010

Article by Horacio Vázquez-Rial published at Revista LD (Translation and links added by T&P):

“One day millions  of men will abandon the South to break into the North. And they won’t be doing it as friends. They will be there as conquerors. ANd they will conquer it colonizing it thanks to their sons. It will be the wombs of our women what will give us the victory”. (Houari Boumedienne, UN, 1974).

That was the beginning, and my readers will be absolutely bored of me writing quoting that once and again. To ease the tiredness they must be feeling, I will add other quotes this time:

We have 50 million Muslims living in Europe now and there are signals that God will proclaim Islam in Europe without weapons nor conquests. As time goes by, the 50 million Muslims in Europe will transform it and will convert it into an Islamic continent. God has arranged that an Islamic nation, Turkey, adds itself to the European Union. Those 50 million Muslims will multiply and there will be 100 million Muslims in Europe. Bosnia is a member of the European Union [sic]  and its a Muslim country; moreover, at least more than 50% of its population are Muslims. Statistics show that there are thousands of mosques in Europe. We have thousands of Islamic organizations and societies in Europe (…) I have here some statistics. There are 50 million Muslims in Europe nowadays, 14,000 mosques and Islamic centers and 1,500 Islamic societies and organizations. Those numbers are nothing but booming, to whom we have to add the numbers related to Bosnia, Turkey and Albania. Therefore, the words that God proclaimed in the Quram are just coming to reality: “It is Him that has sent His Messenger with the Address and the true religion to make it prevail over every other religion, despite the infidels” (Muammar El-Gadaffi, 2008). Continue reading

Iraq: Car Bomb Explodes in Assyrian Town

Bartilla, after the explosion (more photos in the link provided)

Bartilla, after the explosion (more photos in the link provided)

The news appeared two days ago:

A car bomb exploded today in Bartilla, near St. George Church. A dozen people were injured, five have been hospitalized. Dozens of homes and shops were damaged by the blast. Witnesses report a Mazda exploded at approximately 12 PM.On Christmas day, 2009 Bartilla was attacked by a group of Shabak Shiites, who attempted to enter the Church of St. Mary, demanding to perform the Shiite rituals of self-flagellation inside the church.

via Car Bomb Explodes in Assyrian Town in North Iraq.

There is an ongoing campaign in Iraq against Christians, with nearly no reflection on MSM. On past days, a deacon was wounded by gunfire in Mosul and a Catholic student kidnapped.

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US: Christmas Day Bomber, aka “PantyBomber” Invited ‘Jihad’ Cleric to Address British Students

This is an update on this story:

The Christmas Day airline bomber invited a radical cleric who has advocated dying while ‘fighting jihad’ to address British students.While president of the Islamic Society at University College London, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab helped arrange for Abdur Raheem Green to speak.

The cleric, who converted to Islam from Roman Catholicism, has written that conflict between Islam and the West is ‘ordered in the Koran’, and that Muslims and Westerners ‘ cannot live peaceably together’.

He has also claimed: ‘Dying while fighting jihad is one of the surest ways to paradise and Allah’s good pleasure’.

In 2005, shortly before Abdulmutallab arranged for him to address UCL, Green was barred from entering Australia after opposition leader Kim Beazley accused him of ‘spreading hate’.

via Women Against Shariah: Christmas Day Bomber Invited ‘Jihad’ Cleric to Address British Students.

Wow, he was so friendly and peaceful… soooo niiiiiceeeee. Yeah, we see that…

Iraq: Catholic student kidnapped in Mosul, intimidation campaign continues

I’m sure this is not going to open any news bulletin tomorrow:

A Christian student at the University of Mosul was kidnapped on December 28; Islamic militants claimed responsibility. The abduction was the latest in a series of attacks on the city’s minority Christians, including murders, bombings, and other kidnappings. Christian leaders believe that Islamic zealots have begun a campaign of “ethnic and religious cleansing,” hoping to drive Christians out of the region through intimidation.

via Catholic Culture : Latest Headlines : Iraqi Christian kidnapped in Mosul: intimidation campaign continues.

Vatican: Announced Review of Papal Protection After Assault

Benedict, 82, was unhurt. He quickly recovered and celebrated Mass, and looked well hours later as he delivered his traditional Christmas Day greeting from the loggia of Saint Peter’s Basilica on Friday. A French cardinal caught in the scuffle suffered a fractured thighbone.

The assailant, identified by the Vatican as Susanna Maiolo, a 25-year-old Swiss-Italian national with a history of mental problems, was held for questioning and hospitalized in Rome. She was not under formal arrest and it was unclear whether she would face charges.

Yet the assault on the pope, captured on television and tourist cameras and replayed countless times on TV and the Internet, raised serious questions about Vatican — and Italian — security. It was the first direct attack on Benedict since he became pope in 2005, and it came less than two weeks after Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi was hospitalized after a mentally unstable man struck him in the face at a campaign rally.

via Vatican Reviews Papal Protection After Assault –

Well, she is mentally “unbalanced” but seems to have quite a fixation against the Pope: this was not the first time she had tried to assault the Pope.

Long time no see

It’s been nearly 3 months since the last post here. We have been busy so we apologize for the inconveniences caused by our long absence.

Yesterday I talked with John, my boss (He-he) over at Infidels are Cool and I told him how is going everything here. So I have decided to write something about it.

Well, the situation is bad, no need to exaggerate. But it can be even worse.

Firstly, we have the economic situation. The Economist, a magazine not well-known for being a staunch supporter of the right-wingers (they actually adored Zapatero before he was elected… you know, he was the Zapateromessiah  :P ), considers Spain as the sick man of Europe, an expression which was used on the XIXth century specially about the Russian Czarist economy. It has only one word for the actual situation in Spain: unsustainable

Spain’s 19% unemployment rate is second only to Latvia’s in the EU. It reflects a structural hangover in a country that got drunk on bricks and mortar before its property bubble burst in 2007. Because of this, Spain entered recession in an already weakened state. As others recover slowly but predictably, Spain will need more time and extra care. Even optimists expect real recovery to come only in 2011.

Secondly, in view of the situation, any responsible (and sound) person would try to care for economy (really care). But instead of that, Zapatero’s Government is taking several astonishing measures:

1.- regarding abortion, the new Spanish law (not yet approved but in Parliament) will make possible that 16-year-old girls have one without their parents permission. Also till the 22nd week, every pregnant woman will be able to have an abortion with no special cause (now, only in one among three causes: a) rape; b) danger for mental or physical health of the mother or c) genetical malformations of the foetus and only till 12th week) and throughout all pregnancy if they are in danger. There was a demonstration (really big one) but, of course, Zapatero didn’t listen to the demonstrators’ demands (of course, Aznar was a dictator because he didn’t listen to the “streets’ demands” over Iraqi war, but Zapatero is not one even if he never listens to anybody who has a different opinion, much more if they are right-wingers).

2.- regarding religion, the Government now wants to get rid of every crucifix in the country. They say that Brussels wants them to do it, after a sentence in which European Union says that it’s against freedom of religion that Christian crucifixes are shown in public schools. Anyway, in here the far-left nationalist Catalonian Republican Left also wants that private and “concertados” (schools which receive money from State but are not public) get rid too of the crucifixes. They don’t see that as incompatible with critisizing (not directly, of course) the Swiss referendum about the minarets, even if I don’t recall any Christian politician referring to Crucifixes as “bayonets”, as Erdogan did about minarets.

3.- the last of the imbecilades of the Government is the so-called “Law of the Sustainable Economy”. Among other issues (renuevable energy sources, investment in development and technology -after cutting it dramatically from State Budget-, etc), they have tried to pass an article by which they actually will be able to take down every webpage if they think that it is infringing “intelectual property rights” (hmm, yes, Zapatero has said that no, “no web, no blog is going to be shut down“, but the Culture Minister insists the article will be maintained in the Law Project). Gizmondo writes about it clearly:

There’s a whole bunch of greedy “artists”—represented by the SGAE, the Spanish version of the RIAA, and some cinema associations—who most of the times are used by the Spanish socialist government to support their political agenda. I say greedy because, in Spain, there’s an “artist tax” on everything that can be used to record something. You buy a CD to do data backup at work? Doesn’t matter, the government’s friends assume you are a thief copying stuff, and charge you an extra for it. Maybe you want a new camera to record your newborn baby? Well, that’s more expensive too because of the “artistic” tax. Want an iPod? Pay extra. A DVD-R unit? Give them more money.

But of course, people know that we have to pay that artist tax (to millionaires like Miguel Bosé, Pedro Almodóvar or Alejandro Sanz, for instance, all of them staunch supporters of these measures) so they began buying all those things through the Internet. Greedy artist knew so… they wanted more money:

… they got it as an obvious favor, returned by the socialist government now in power. After passing the law hidden in another law, the artist associations can now close any web site they want, without a court order. They only have to argue that the site may be used to share media, and the Minister of Culture will have to the power to close the site without any judge giving the go ahead, a true “Cultural Police.” Goodbye democracy, hello National Socialism. What’s more, they also want to be able to close the Internet connection of any user who uses the internet for P2P sharing, also without any due process.

Spanish leftist blogger Ignacio Escolar has blamed US Embassy about this. In a post written yesterday, he actually writes that “some phone calls have been made to both the Government and the opposition to ask for this last reform to be maintained and to support them in being tough with Internet piracy”. Now, he must write that the Mossad, Ariel Sharon and Golda Meir are also in it to complete the picture… :roll:

Nora had a problem sometime ago when someone ordered to shut down her Spanish Pundit website because she had posted a photo that was copyrighted. No warning was made, just the blog disappeared. 

So, as I said, this is getting too much complicated (also the conflicts between regions are getting tougher by the minute) and it’s somewhat depressing to see these developments. Makes me angry, really. 

But, in the end, there is nothing to be done, just protest and protest and protest. Of course, most of the time we don’t get any result, but at least we have carried on with our duty as citizens. 

Thanks to you all for your kindness and I hope we are back to blogging as soon as we can. :lol:

Bangladesh: Catholic women can’t go to mass thanks to Muslim threats

BANGLADESH Bangladesh: Muslims threaten Catholic women of Dewtola village – Asia News

Catholic women of the village of Dewtola can no longer go to mass because of continual threats from local Muslims. For the past several weeks tensions have been mounting around the parish of St. Francis Xavier in Golla, Nawabgonj district.

Michael Gomes, a local Catholic leader, tells AsiaNews that “defenceless women and children are being intimidated. Most of the men of the village have emigrated to Europe or moved to Dhaka to find work”.

The threats originate from disputes over the village market where many stalls are run by some of the more than 3 thousand 700 Christians living in the area. Muslim traders want to take possession of them and have already on several occasions tried to use force to expel the non Muslim owners.

Already in 2006, for the same reason, a crowd of 200 people attacked the Catholic faithful as they were going to church and destroyed some of their stalls at the market. “Now the climate is back to being that of three years ago – says Gomes – we live in a situation of deep insecurity and despite having alerted the local authorities nothing has happened.”

(ironic mode on) I’m sure they are going to find lots of people to support them… don’t they? (ironic mode off)

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Russia: last legislative measures ensure union betwen Orthodox Church and State

Pajamas Media » Putin Enlists the Church in His Power Grab

the government announced that it would consult the Russian Orthodox Church before introducing any legislative proposals in parliament, in essence giving the church a veto on legislation and allowing the church to promote an openly religious agenda in parliament.Then, the regime declared it would begin teaching Orthodox religion in schools, ignoring the constitutional requirement of separation of church and state. Study of other Christian faiths, like Protestantism and Catholicism, has already been ruled out, and it’s clear that the lip-service being paid to Islam is only window dressing.

As for Judaism, a spate of anti-Semitic acts make perfectly clear that the religion has no more future in Putin’s Russia than it did in the USSR.

It probably should not be surprising to see religion and politics begin to overlap in Russia, since both the leader of the Orthodox Church — Patriarch Kirill — and Vladimir Putin are former KGB spies. Indeed, it was not the men who separated from the KGB, but the organization that separated from them, when it collapsed along with the entire USSR apparatus. Putin has said he views that separation as one of the greatest tragedies in Russian history, and he played a key role in bringing Kirill to the seat of power.

From the Forbes’ article above:

there are values “that stand no lower than human rights.” These are “faith, morality, sacred places and homeland.” When these values contradict the realization of human rights, “the society and government and law should harmoniously combine them.” How this could be done was not made clear but, according to the Council, it is impossible to tolerate a situation in which human rights “threatened the existence of the motherland.”

Lord… that thing about the motherland, looks like as the “lover camps” Putin inaugurated some time ago…

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La ola de violencia anti-cristiana en la India

Richelieu: “Dadme una carta de un hombre justo y encontraré 10 causas por las que hacerle ejecutar”. 
Había escrito algo de eso ya antes aquíaquíaquí y aquí. Es una prueba más de que la religión, cuando se usa como instrumento de poder y no como convencimiento espiritual de que existe una relación personal con Dios que se vive dentro de la comunidad de creyentes y que produce efectivamente una iluminación espiritual, hace que se ataque al diferente, al que no es como “nuestra comunidad”. La mayoría de los ataques han tenido lugar en el estado de Orissa , pero como dice un hindú practicante , que, como otros , está avergonzado (y furioso) de los ataques contra los cristianos, las razones no son las que han aducido los hindúes fanáticos:
Los hindúes fanáticos están sobre todo apoderándose de las ciudades pequeñas, acusando a los cristianos de llevar a cabo conversiones obligatorias entre los pobres, entre los individuos de las tribus y los “sin casta”. Pero el hecho es que esta acusación es un pretexto, tal y como demuestran las estadísticas oficiales, que claramente señalan un descenso en el número de cristianos. En la India, los cristianos eran el 2,6% de la población en 1971, 2,44% en 1981, 2,32% en 1991, y 2,3% en 2001, y hay signos de que se han producido descensos más acusados en los últimos años.
Más que conversiones, lo que ha provocado la violencia es la actividad de los cristianos en beneficio de las clases más pobres que constituyen la base servil del sistema piramidal en el que se basa la sociedad hindú tradicional. La ofensa real de los cristianos es la de predicar y considerar a todo hombre como ser digno, en contraste con el sistema de castas.
De todas maneras, hay un precedente. Cuando la madre Teresa de Calcuta comenzaba a trabajar con los más pobres entre los pobres, los hindúes más radicales ya la acusaron de “dar un imagen muy negativa de Calcuta”, porque denunciaba el abandono sistemático de los pobres, los enfermos terminales y los ancianos, amén de los niños que nadie quería. Precisamente hace poco varias hermanas de la Caridad (su orden) fueron arrestadaspor no tener los permisos para los niños que habían recogido“, supuestamente. Los ataques a conversos a otras religiones no han sido comunes, pero eso no quiere decir que no hayan existido. Lo que ocurre es que ahora se han recrudecido.
Pero no han sido las únicas: el blog italiano IPSBU informa regularmente sobre la persecución religiosa a la que se ven sometidos los cristianos de cualquier signo: ataques a curas , a pastores protestantes , a monjas , etc.
Varios episodios prueban que las autoridades indias no están haciendo nada (o incluso favoreciendo) la persecución de los cristianos. Así, una monja fue violada por un hombre que iba en una turba en el convento en el que realizaba su misión, fue examinada de inmediato por dos doctoras que certificaron que había sido brutalmente violada y la policía tardó un mes en pasar a recoger el informe por falta de tiempo. Cuatro personas han sido arrestadas por su violación .
La policía además ha atacado a un grupo de cristianos que se manifestaban en la calle contra la violencia. Según parece, los disturbios empezaron porque apareció muerto un swami hindú. Pues bien, un jefe maoísta fue detenido por el asesinato y, en su declaración, ha señalado que el Gobierno de Orissa sabía que habían sido maoístas pero que ocultó dicha información, a pesar de que sabía que iban a comenzar a atacar a los cristianos “por motivos electorales“. Sorprendentemente el Gobierno de Orissa no lo ha contradicho. El tal swami Laxamananda Saraswati había atacado durante décadas a los cristianos y los había amenazado para que se convirtieran al hinduísmo, así que eran los chivos expiatorios más probables.
Pero hay más: el odio, tan fácil de provocar, ha hecho que incluso se haya quemado viva a una muchacha hindú, porque la confundieron con una cristiana . La muchacha, de 20 años, trabajaba en un orfanato católico que fue asaltado por fanáticos hindúes que la violaron primero en grupo y la quemaron viva después. Violencia sexual como siempre que, si fuera un hombre, jamás se hubieran atrevido a cometer.
Como siempre, es el poder y no Dios quien hace a las personas violentas. Son éstas las que usan a Dios para sus propios fines. Porque como bien dice el maoísta, la información se ocultó con motivos electorales. Y es que pronto habrá elecciones en la India :

La oposición de los nacionalistas hindúes (la India para los hindúesy el que no sea hindú fuera, sea como sea) del partido Bharatiya Janata es considerada como ideológicamente alineada con los grupos hindúes más extremistas, como el Bajrang Dal, que los grupos minoritarios y algunos otros partidos consideran los culpables del recrudecimiento de la violencia. El BJP forma parte de la alianza de gobierno en Orissa y llegó al poder en Karnataka al principio de este año.

Lo que dice el líder del partido podría ponerse en la boca de cualquier mujahideen islamista al uso:

Kalyan Singh, el vicepresidente nacional del BJP dijo que “su partido no cree en la agitación sectaria”. “Condenamos la violencia en Orissa, PERO la raíz principal y profunda son las conversiones masivas por los misioneros cristianos“, a las que se opone el BJP, dijo.

Conversiones masivas que, como hemos visto, no corresponden a la realidad. Pero una mentira dicha muchas veces, llega a considerarse verdad. Y es que no hay peros que valgan: o se condena la violencia, o se están estableciendo excepciones al uso de la misma, se tenga razón o no.
Pero aún hay más:

Bajrang Dal es el brazo “militante” joven de la Vishva Hindu Parishad, una organización nacionalista hindú. Prakash Sharma, el lider nacional del Bajrang Dal, dijo en una entrevista que la muerte del swami en Orissa se había producido “bajo la inspiración de los misioneros cristianos y conversos”. Dijo que, como resultado, “gente de toda India estaba respondiendo espontáneamente contra ellos”. A la pregunta de si podía probar alguna culpabilidad cristiana en la muerte del swami, no pudo.

Y eso, después de que se demostrase que habían sido los maoístas quienes habían ordenado la muerte del swami, no los cristianos.
La violencia sigue porque “los cristianos tienen libros que difaman la religión hindú “. Nos suena, ¿verdad?

Turbas hindúes de derechas (American OnLine no puede hacer más que incluir la palabra derecha siempre que puede para denigrar….) principalmente vinculadas al Bajrang Dal atacaron también sitios de culto cristianos el domingo (la noticia es del 26 de septiembre) en los distritos de Mangalore, Chikmaglur y Udupi del estado de Karnataka, alegando que algunas iglesias habían circulado “literatura difamatoria contra la religión hindú”, según AM Prasad, un oficial de policía de la localidad.

Claro que tendrá el mismo grado de veracidad que la acusación de que están realizando conversiones masivas.
Al final, me lleva a reflexionar: ¿merece la pena todo esto? La conclusión es que a estas personas les merece la pena: como Gollum, cuando cayendo en el pozo de la Montaña del Destino, sólo tiene ojos para el anillo de poder, así estas personas sólo tienen ojos y oídos para lo que satisface su visión del mundo y de los demás. Eso sí, ponen a Dios en medio porque así queda mucho más elevada su misión, pero harían lo mismo si en vez de encomendarse a la diosa Vishnú (la del odio y del destino), lo hicieran a Alá, a Cristo o, puestos a ser irreverentes, al escarabajo pelotero. O a su partido político, el amor, la gloria, la amistad, la libertad, la igualdad o lo que les apetezca en ese momento.
Lo de que el ser humano es racional, lo dejamos para el siguiente estadio evolutivo. ¿O no?

Real faith does not impose itself, Pope Benedict teaches

Bishops and other clergy from Kazakhstan and Central Asia, a region with few Catholics, met with Pope Benedict this morning at the Vatican. The Holy Father encouraged the prelates to “keep the flame of faith alive among the Christian people” and spoke about the dangers of religious fundamentalism.

Pope Benedict began his remarks by inviting the prelates to give thanks to God that, “despite the severe pressures suffered during the years of the atheist communist regime, the flame of faith remained alight in believers’ hearts thanks to the zealous sacrifice of priests, religious and lay people.”

After encouraging the bishops not to lose heart even though the Catholic community is “a small flock,” Benedict XVI called on them to allow themselves to be guided by the Holy Spirit and “to keep the flame of faith alight among Christian people. Conserve and draw vantage from the important pastoral and apostolic experiences of the past,” he told them.

Real faith does not impose itself, Pope Benedict teaches.

He also explained that it’s not possible to fight fundamentalism fighting actual religion.