Yemen: Barack Obama warned that al-Qaeda planning ricin attack

Carunculate seed of Ricinus communis (Castor b...

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Well, I am anxious to know what Obamamessiah has said about this:

The New York Times, citing classified intelligence documents and unnamed officials, reports that terrorist operatives have been making efforts to buy large quantities of castor beans – which contain the toxic ricin protein – and shift them to a remote tribal area controlled by insurgents for processing.

Ricin is so poisonous that inhalation of a few minute grains is enough to kill an adult. It was used in deadly incidents including the 1978 assassination in London of Bulgarian dissident Georgi Markov and, in 2002, was the subject of a bioterrorism scare in the UK capital following a police raid on a facility said to be plotting its manufacture.

US officials are reported to have told Mr Obama that an attack is not imminent and that the terrorist arm has yet to formulate a means for dispersing it as a weapon.

They believe that the ultimate goal is to find an effective means of packing the white powder around explosives and detonating the devices in packed public areas such as shopping malls and airports, the New York Times revealed.

via Yemen: Barack Obama warned that al-Qaeda planning ricin attack – Telegraph.

Egypt: Obama, Al-Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood

Logo Muslim Brotherhood

Muslim Brotherhood's logo. Image via Wikipedia

This is hardly surprising

Elliot Abrams, a deputy national security adviser handling Middle East affairs under President Bush, noted that Muslim Brotherhood positions on women, on freedom of religion and on religious tests for candidacy to public office are all “an anathema” to the USA. He went on to explain that there is a great likelihood that those in the Muslim Brotherhood who preach the need for the supremacy of Shari’a law in Arab states will prevail. Nonetheless, he agrees with the President that formal contacts with the Muslim Brotherhood open the doors to American influence, and that influence may moderate the Brotherhood’s extremist Islamists positions. In addition he expressed the belief that there are divisions in the Brotherhood which could be exploited and deepened by meetings with American representatives.

Abrams’ assessment is very reminiscent of Israel’s western allies believing that political responsibility would moderate Arafat after Oslo in 1993; or that Hamas would be forced to self-moderate once it was saddled with the administration of the Gaza Strip after its bloody coup. Neither belief was founded in reality.

It is important to recall that the Muslim Brotherhood, since its inception more than 80 years ago, has been consistent in its ideology: the imposition of Shari’a law, by violence, on the entire world. Repression by Arab governments has never moderated it. Its core motivations arise from the jihadist Islamist belief in the obligation incumbent upon all Muslims to make Islam the only, or at least dominant, religion in the world. It is the oldest and among the best organized and wide-spread Islamic extremist terrorist organizations in the world. Its program for a “cultural invasion” of western countries, outlining a phased plan for infiltrating western societies and governments until it has the power to escalate its activities into political or violent confrontation, has been public for more than 20 years. Hamas, a self-proclaimed genocidal terrorist organization whose charter establishes its goal of destroying Israel, is a franchise of the Muslim Brotherhood. Both Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood have expressed the desire to destroy the United States and make Islam the only, or the dominant, religion in the world. Why would a few western carrots or sticks make it change its core beliefs?

It seems likely that whatever his intentions, Obama’s contacts with the Brotherhood will strengthen it politically and increase its chances of becoming one of the dominant, if not the dominant, political force in Egypt. Being able to boast of Obama’s implicit recognition of the Brotherhood’s importance, the Brotherhood will now have an easier time gaining recruits, soliciting funds, and engaging with other major powers in Europe and elsewhere.

via Obama, Al-Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood.

And we have also seen what has happened with the Arab spring in Egypt, where the Islamists have flooded, expelling democratic protesters.

US: Muslim Man Charged With Threatening Obama, Obtaining Weapons

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An Uzbek man, who was living illegally in the U.S., was indicted Tuesday by a federal grand jury for allegedly making multiple threats to assassinate President Obama, then gaining possession of explosive material and a machine gun.

Ulugbek Kodoriov is accused of making four threats against Obama from July 9 to 13, the indictment says. Kodoriov, who lived in Jefferson County, Ala., eventually gained possession of a Sendra Corporation Model M15-A1 rifle, which was illegal because of his immigration status, according to the indictment. He also allegedly obtained an explosive intended for use as a grenade.

He was residing at the Oak Mountain Lodge in Birmingham, according to a search warrant obtained by Authorities sought any information in his room regarding Obama, as well as sniper rifles, documents relating to assassinations and Jihadist manuals.

On July 9, Kodoriov contacted an FBI source and asked about ways to kill the president by a long-range shot, according to the warrant. Kodoriov allegedly inquired about sniper rifles and said he didn’t care if he lost his life in an assassination attempt.

Kodoriov, 21, is a strict Muslim from Uzbekistan who previously supported Islamic extremists, an FBI source said, according to the warrant.

via Muslim Man Charged With Threatening Obama, Obtaining Weapons.

Arab world: Poll show USA’s less popular under Obama

The attitude of the Arab world to the United States is much worse now with Obama than was with Bush at the end of his term. A survey by Zogby International for the Arab American Institute Foundation shows that there has been a great decline from the favorable attitude toward the United States between 2008 and 2011. In particular, the attitude towards the US has plummetted from 26 to 12 percent in Morocco, from 9 to 5 percent in Egypt, from 16 to 10 percent in Jordan and from 22 to 12 percent in UAE.

Nihil Obstat.

Translation by T&P.

Al-Qaeda: Terrorists could have explosives inserted into body cavities

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It’s the new idea to overcome the scanners and security measures at airports around the country that has occurred to terrorists. Experts also believe that these explosives could be inserted into body cavities as drug smugglers do on a regular basis.

Currently, there is no indication of an imminent attack, but the Obama administration has notified other countries and has warned airlines that they must take extra security measures at airports. So, passengers will suffer longer queues before boarding.

This time international flights would be further endangered, although people moving within the United States will see more bomb-sniffing dogs in the waiting rooms of airports.

Spokesman for the Security Administration, Nicholas Kimball said that “new security measures include interacting with passengers [in reference to possible questioning], searches and use of new tools and technology.”

The threat of “people-bomb” was released last year by MI5 in a research operation in the UK on new techniques of Al Qaida. However, the US Department of Homeland Security has new intelligence about this form of attack.

via Nueva táctica terrorista de Al Qaida: implantes explosivos.


US: Muslim’s First Foreign policy

Barack Obama

Image by jamesomalley via Flickr

In France, American embassies and consulates have been directed to “empower” Muslim and push for the passage of “social reforms” that will benefit them. In the UK, American diplomats were directed to again “empower” Muslims and made outreach to them a top priority. In Israel, the US consulate in Jerusalem caters only to Muslims and does its best to pretend that Jews and Israel don’t even exist. And when Obama visited Greece, what else did he do but push the political and religious authorities to open more mosques and Islamic schools. America’s own interests and our obligations to our allies have been put aside to focus on a single goal of overriding importance. Pandering to the Muslim world. It’s as if we have no other foreign policy goal anymore beyond keeping Muslims happy.

The United States has its first Special Representative to Muslim Communities in the person of Farah Pandith. We also have Rashad Hussain, a Special Envoy to the Organization of the Islamic Conference. (No relation to Barack Hussein Obama. The name Hussain is common among Muslims as a tribute to Mohammed’s grandson, Hussain ibn Ali, the ‘Martyr Of Martyrs’ in Islam.) Hussain (Rashad, not Barack) had ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, which helped create both Al Qaeda and Hamas, and defended Islamic Jihad leader Sami Al-Arian. Farah Pandith is a Kashmiri Muslim who began her career as Barbara Bush’s secretary. But just creating two new Muslim posts in the diplomatic sector isn’t enough.

NASA Administrator Bolden told Al Jazeera that the agency’s new priority is outreach to Muslims. After gutting NASA and killing its space program, the agency focused on its new top priority by appointing Waleed Abdalati, as its new Chief Scientist. Waleed Abdalati is a twofer, as a Muslim and a Global Warming researcher. So the Obama Administration gets to kill off the space program and replace it with Global Warming junk science headed by a Muslim. It’s what the devil would call synergy.

More here.

US: Obama, ahead in the polls

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If this is true, it’s not good news:

The most direct Obama’s Republican rival, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, is thirteen points of the current U.S. president, according to a survey by Reuters and Ipsos.

Obama’s popularity has increased one percentage point from May, reaching the 50 percent barrier. But the number of citizens who think the country is not progressing in the right direction (61 percent) has also increased. In the economic framework, gasoline has become more expensive, the unemployment rate is at its peak so far this year (9.1percent) and real estate sector continues to accuse the consequences of the crisis.

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Spain: Zapatero offered Obama to host AFRICOM at Rota Naval Base

Zapatero offered to increase U.S. military presence in Spain titled El País on its cover on Wednesday December 8, 2010.

It added: “José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero was eager to turn the page on the bad relations with President George Bush and wanted to ingratiate with Obama. Just after the latter arrived at the Casa Blanca, Zapatero showed his willingness to increase U.S. military presence atRota Naval Base and offered it to be used by Africom, the new Pentagon command for Africa. “

Found here.

Well, I understand that is necessary for both countries to maintain a good relationship. But it’s quite hypocrite to see Zapatero going after Obama this way, after calling for other countries to order their troops back from Iraq and remaining seated while US flag was passing before him at Spanish National Day Parade on 2003. With his half machiavelic schemes, half childish, he doesn’t understand that Obama is not US Prez for ever and that another Republican can (and, with present circumstances will) be elected. So, then, will they be offering this still?

By the way, just to measure his great democratic spirit: he didn’t even ask the Parliament if they agreed on this. Isn’t that marvellous? :mad:

Experts to Obama: Negotiate with the Taliban

Researchers Gilles Dorronsoro from France and Italian Antonio Giustozzi, as well as Pakistani journalist Ahmed Rashid, were among those who said the current strategy was failing as the Taliban, ousted from government by a US-led invasion in 2001, grew in strength.

A coalition government that includes the Taliban should be the long-term goal, they said.

“We ask you to sanction and support a direct dialogue and negotiation with the Afghan Taliban leadership residing in Pakistan,” the experts said in their open letter.

“It is better to negotiate now rather than later, since the Taliban will likely be stronger next year.”

“The situation on the ground is much worse than a year ago because the Taliban insurgency has made progress across the country,” the letter said.

“The Taliban today are now a national movement with a serious presence in the north and the west of the country.”

Well, imagine these guys in the IIWW and just think what they would have been called if they would have advised to “negotiate with the Nazis”. Consider too what consequences this would have to the Taliban presence in the are: indeed their presence now would be much greater than before 2001 if ISAF ends their mission there.

Obama’s Indonesia trip: Michelle dons headscarf as she visits mosque

it was no surprise that Michelle Obama managed to be stylish and show respect to her Muslim hosts when she visited a mosque on her tour of Indonesia.

The First Lady covered her hair with a beige animal-print scarf as she toured Jakarta’s Istiqlal Mosque, the largest in southeast Asia.

via Obama’s Indonesia trip: Michelle dons headscarf as she visits mosque | Mail Online.

Stylish? That isn’t really the adjective I have in mind when I see these photos: Continue reading

US: Obama’s relationship with Islamic terror suspect Hatem Abudayyeh

The Obama administration is now admitting to having invited radical Islamic terror suspect Hatem Abudayyeh to the White House for a “Muslim outreach” event back in April. The Jew-hating Chicago extremist has been under investigation by the FBI for his ties to militant organizations and his home was raided last Friday, along with the homes of some Marxist FARC radicals and other Islamic terror suspects in Minneapolis.
And as Gateway Pundit explains, Abudayyeh’s ties to terrorist groups run almost as deep as his ties to Obama:
“Hatem Abudayyeh is the executive director of the Arab American Action Network (AAAN). Hatem Abudayyeh has been with the Arab American Action Network (AAAN) since 1999, and was appointed Executive Director in 2003. The Arab American Action Network was founded by former PLO operative and close Obama family friend Rashid Khalidi. Obama was a director of the Woods Fund from 1994 through 2001, when the board approved a $40,000 grant to the Arab American Action Network.

Found here.

US: More on Obama’s silence about Molly Norris

From beyond our shores and without setting foot on our soil, the jihadists have invaded our country and taken the life of one of our citizens. Norris is still alive, but the woman as she was known is gone. She has lost her life in the legal sense: new birth certificate, school records, life story. For anyone who knew her, it is as though she is dead. But it is not just one life the jihadists have taken. To the former Molly Norris, it is as though all the people she has known are also now dead. They have been torn from her life because she has been torn from theirs.
A random attack—an exploding SUV in Times Square or a suicide bomb on an airplane—would spur us to retaliation. Be this is worse. Al-Awlaki targeted Norris in particular because she exercised her right to free speech in America in a way that displeased him and those who share his political religion on the other side of the world. The result: American blasphemer successfully neutralized. This is cause for national alarm.
President Obama has been quite vocal about standing up for the First Amendment rights of the Muslims who want to build a mosque near Ground Zero. But as that is an issue that involves local government, popular opinion, and private enterprise, it is actually none of his business. By contrast, as this involves foreign threats against an American citizen in her own country, the matter is central to his business. President Obama should call this what it is: an act of war. He should make full use of his armies and agencies to protect this woman’s life and liberty, and should defend her as he would defend our borders. But he has been completely silent.
Well, guess what? More people are just seeing what’s obvious!!
I insist: Are they going to ask Awlaki to pay for the security costs his threats are causing? Or that’s just for Fla pastor Terry “I wanna burn a Koran” Jones?

US: "Obama should condemn Al-Awlaki fatwa", Mike Huckabee says

Some days ago it was reported that the US cartoonist, Molly Norris, who had began the “Draw Mohammad Cartoon Day” had to go into hiding thanks to a fatwa from Jihadist cleric Al-Awlaki. This is very interesting:

Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee said Friday that President Barack Obama should denounce the fatwa issued by a Muslim-American cleric that has sent an American cartoonist into hiding. He also said that there is a double standard at work; that insults to Islam are treated differently than insults to Christianity.

I add: are they going to ask Awlaki to pay for the security bill this fatwa has made, like has happened with Fla. pastor Terry Jones, or that is only for Christians who, stupidly, want to burn the Qu’ran, not for histerical Jihadist preachers who want to kill a person?

On the 9th anniversary of 9/11 terrorist attacks

Today is the 9th anniversary of 9/11 terrorist attacks. The first thought is always for the victims and their families and that precise thought makes us consider what is the situation now, after nearly a decade has passed since the attacks took place. This anniversary has been marked with the “I will burn some Korans” from Terry Jones and the projected building of a mosque near Ground Zero. So, is it respectful for the victims that a mosque, the religious buuilding where Allah (the god on whose name the attacks were made) is worshipped), is built there? Americans think that it isn’t: Most Americans object to planned Islamic center near Ground Zero, poll finds:

Two-thirds of those polled object to the prospective Cordoba House complex near the site of the former twin towers, including a slim majority who express strongly negative views. Eighty-two percent of those who oppose the construction say it’s because of the location, although 14 percent (9 percent of all Americans) say they would oppose such building anywhere in the country.

The new results come alongside increasingly critical public views of Islam: 49 percent of all Americans say they have generally unfavorable opinions of Islam, compared with 37 percent who say they have favorable ones. That’s the most negative split on the question in Post-ABC polls dating to October 2001.

Nearly a third of all Americans see mainstream Islam as encouraging violence, little changed from recent years. More, a slim majority, say it’s a peaceful religion.”

But Obama yesterday made an emotional defense of right to build the Islamic center (mosque included) on Ground Zero:

“This country stands for the proposition that all men and women are created equal, that they have certain inalienable rights,” Obama said, citing the Declaration of Independence. “One of those inalienable rights is to practice their religion freely.

“And what that means is that if you could build a church on a site, you could build a synagogue on a site, if you could build a Hindu temple on a site, then you should be able to build a mosque on the site.”

But does Islam consider that all men and women have “certain inalienable rights“? And why Obama hasn’t refer himself to this statement?

“You can’t say that Islam is a religion of peace. Islam does not mean peace, Islam means submission. So a Muslim is the one who submits. You know, there is a place for violence in Islam. There is a place for jihad in Islam.”

“The Qur’an is full of – you know – jihad is the most talked about duty in the Qur’an after tawhid (belief). Nothing else is mentioned more than fighting.”

And, Why Obama hasn’t mentioned non-Muslims’ persecution in Islamic countries?

Related: Fla. pastor will “not today, not ever” burn Koran @ WaPo.

Photo: Wikimedia.

Iran: Friday prayers on nuclear program

Anti US mural, TehranImage via Wikipedia

Speaking to a massive crowd of Friday prayers worshippers and the faithful in Tehran, Hojjatol-Islam Kazem Sedighi referred to the upcoming international nuclear disarmament conference in Tehran, and said the Iranian nation is organizing this international conference on nuclear disarmament because our religion and our customs oblige us (tell us ) to respect the right of every human being.

Heh, yeah, right. What rights? Because I don’t see women, non-Muslims, homosexuals et al have their rights very respected in Iran, do they.

Turning to recent threats by US president, Barack Obama against the Islamic republic of Iran, Hojjatol-Islam Kazem Sedighi said Obama’s threats against Iran are sheer stupidity and an obvious disgrace.

In further remarks, Tehran’s interim Friday Prayers Leader referred to America’s track record of using nuclear weapons against other countries, and said given this history, the United States is not in a position to lecture or chide other countries who are pursuing a peaceful civilian nuclear program.

Heh, it’s not the same the context in which US used the nuclear bomb (despite the evident damage), than the actual context of Iran. No one has attacked Iran, but Iranian president has spoken about “wiping Israel off the map”.

Turning to the recent nuclear security conference in Washington, Hojjatol-Islam Kazem Sedighi said that conference was just a talking shop – a somewhat hollow conference — with little or no substantive achievements.

Elsewhere in his remarks, Tehran’s interim Friday Prayers Leader praised Iranian nuclear scientists and engineers, saying the Islamic republic of Iran is justly proud of them, since they have brought honour top the country. He pointedly added: “Young and highly committed Iranian scientists have proved to the world that there is no contradiction between science and technology and religion, and that religion is perfectly compatible with science, advancement and progress.

Yes, religion is perfectly compatible with science, but only with the science that gives more power to the Ayatollahs. I’m sure that if the science was to give more power to the Iranian people, he wouldn’t speak in those terms.

Anyway, remember when Obama was speaking about “dialogue with no preconditions with Iran”? Clearly they were not impressed then and are not so now. But now they are enraged by the possibility of being attacked by US nuclear weapons, after Obama said that the new US rules (no nuclear attack against non-nuclear states) don’t include Iran and North Korea.

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US: Obama freezes properties of Somali Al-Qaeda-linked individuals and Al-Shebab

Barack Obama speaking at a campaign rally in A...Image via Wikipedia

US President Barack Obama Tuesday signed an executive order freezing the property in the United States of members of a group of radical Islamists “contributing to the conflict in Somalia.”
Obama said in his order he “declared a national emergency to deal with the unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security and foreign policy of the United States posed by that conflict.”
He said that the measure, which named 11 individuals and the Al-Qaeda-inspired hardline Shebab militia, was “not targeted at the entire country of Somalia, but rather is intended to target those who threaten peace and stability in Somalia.

About time…

Anyway, that clarification seems a little bit useless, isn’t it? Of course, the measure, which goes against 11 individuals and a terrorist group is not targeted at the entire country.

While the ban on music stopped the broadcasting on several radios, fights continue, with an added problem: lack of doctors and nurses. The existent have to cope with the increasing number of casualties:

According to WHO, only 250 qualified doctors, 860 nurses and 116 midwives work today in Somalia, home to the lowest number of health workers of any country in the Horn of Africa or Middle East.

Also Mark Bowden, the United Nations Humanitarian Co-ordinator for Somalia, expressed serious concern over the Somali crisis, which has deepened over the years since the fall of Siad Barre in 1991.

The UN official added that since the start of the year, fighting in Mogadishu has forced over 100,000 people from their homes.

Horrible perspectives.

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Terrorist could get their hands on nuclear weapons, Obama says

Schematic representation of the two methods wi...Image via Wikipedia

Yes, he said that yesterday:

Obama said that already “terrorist networks such as Al-Qaeda have tried to acquire the material for a nuclear weapon.” He called on countries to adopt a “concrete” plan to secure nuclear materials within four years.

Brennan has added that AQ wants nukes but doesn’t have the ability to use them. Well, they will overcome it. In the meantime, they use suicide bombers with home-made devices.

You know, what really surprises me? That everyone seems so worried now that terrorists can acquire nuclear material. They have been trying to do so for many years now, but now every damned politician in the world (including Zapatero) is very worried about that. Russian “Black Widows” have killed a handful of people not long ago and they didn’t have nuclear weapons.

So, do they know something that we don’t?

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Lieberman: Omitting 'Islamic' Terrorism From Security Document Dishonest, 'Offensive'

Looks like there is someone with common sense in this matter at least. What Obama has done ommitting “Jihad” and “Islamic terrorism” is not really useful:

Joe Lieberman

Image via Wikipedia

Sen. Joe Lieberman slammed the Obama administration Sunday for stripping terms like “Islamic extremism” from a key national security document, calling the move dishonest, wrong-headed and disrespectful to the majority of Muslims who are not terrorists.

The Connecticut independent revealed that he wrote a letter Friday to top counterterrorism adviser John Brennan urging the administration to “identify accurately the ideological source” of the threat against the United States. He wrote that failing to identify “violent Islamist extremism” as the enemy is “offensive.”

via – Lieberman: Omitting ‘Islamic’ Terrorism From Security Document Dishonest, ‘Offensive’.

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Will Spanish judges go after Obama?

Congress of Deputies (Spain)

That’s the question that the author of a Law blog makes (via) regarding the approval of the targeted killing of Islamist cleric Anwar Al-Awlaki by the Obama Administration.

The answer is NO. The trials he refers to, were based on article 23 Judiciary Organization Act. This article considers Spanish judges as “competent” when some crimes have been committed (genocide, terrorism, piracy, prostitution and child corruption, illegal drug trafficking, illegal people trafficking -slavery, for example-, female genital mutilation and any other that international treaties consider as such). Till last year, any Spanish “instruction/investigative” judge could conduct enquiries on these crimes wherever the place of the world they had been committed. The author tells about cases in which US (in which an Spanish cameraman was killed, a case rejected by Spanish judiciary because they were involved in a war action and the soldiers shot, believing they were terrorists, if I am not mistaken) and Israeli soldiers were involved. But there were also Chinese Communist leaders charged for Tibetan crimes. I imagine that in this case the accusation will be related to terrorism, although this would be a rather rare case as Al-Awlaki is a US citizen.

Anyway, Spanish Parliament passed a law last year to, among other things, limit the Spanish judges’ possibility of judging crimes committed abroad if the responsible or the victim is not an Spanish national or resident in Spain or if the attacker has some link to Spain (for example, has damaged Spanish interests abroad ). It also excludes any crime which should be judged by foreign tribunals or whose investigation or trial has begun by an international organization. The new paragraph, inside article 23 (Judiciary Organization Act – Ley Orgánica del Poder Judicial), goes:

Sin perjuicio de lo que pudieran disponer los tratados y convenios internacionales suscritos por España, para que puedan conocer los Tribunales españoles de los anteriores delitos deberá quedar acreditado que sus presuntos responsables se encuentran en España o que existen víctimas de nacionalidad española, o constatarse algún vínculo de conexión relevante con España y, en todo caso, que en otro país competente o en el seno de un Tribunal internacional no se ha iniciado procedimiento que suponga una investigación y una persecución efectiva, en su caso, de tales hechos punibles.

In fact, the modification was protested from major human rights groups which thought the Govt didn’t want to fulfill his promise of fighting for human rights all over the world.

In this case, neither Obama nor Al-Awlaki have nothing to do with Spain. I don’t think of any “link of relevant connection” with Spain either. And being both of them US nationals and one of them the leader of another country, the only judges who could indict Obama are US ones. The rest of the countries can’t because Obama is the Chief of State of a foreign country (at least in Spain) so he has immunity of jurisdiction and of execution.

My take on this is that Spanish Judiciary has so much to do with the crimes that already happen inside Spain to go about searching for others. Also we are nowadays in a deep crisis and spending money to investigate crimes abroad when the situation in Spain is far from good (terrorism, teenagers’ violence, armed robberies, prostitution gangs, illegal immigration, etc), doesn’t make sense at all. Lastly, this will prevent judges from thinking themselves a double of Captain America or Superman and make them work strictly in what they are entitled to: administering justice to the benefit of Spanish citizens or residents.

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US: Obama Bans Islam, Jihad From National Security Strategy Document

the 44th President of the United States...Bara...

President Barack Obama‘s advisers will remove religious terms such as “Islamic extremism” from the central document outlining the U.S. national security strategy and will use the rewritten document to emphasize that the United States does not view Muslim nations through the lens of terror, counterterrorism officials said.

The change is a significant shift in the National Security Strategy, a document that previously outlined the Bush Doctrine of preventative war and currently states: “The struggle against militant Islamic radicalism is the great ideological conflict of the early years of the 21st century.”

The officials described the changes on condition of anonymity because the document still was being written, and the White House would not discuss it. But rewriting the strategy document will be the latest example of Obama putting his stamp on U.S. foreign policy, like his promises to dismantle nuclear weapons and limit the situations in which they can be used.

The revisions are part of a larger effort about which the White House talks openly, one that seeks to change not just how the United States talks to Muslim nations, but also what it talks to them about, from health care and science to business startups and education.

That shift away from terrorism has been building for a year, since Obama went to Cairo, Egypt, and promised a “new beginning” in the relationship between the United States and the Muslim world. The White House believes the previous administration based that relationship entirely on fighting terror and winning the war of ideas.

via – Obama Bans Islam, Jihad From National Security Strategy Document.

Yeah, winning the war on ideas on Islamists is so wrong, isn’t it? Let’s don’t discuss flogging, honor killings and the infidels’ beheadings that happens along the world… :shock:

More on memorandum.

  • AP: Obama to delete references to Islamic extremism from national-security policy ( “It does have one effect, although certainly not the one Barack Obama intends.  It makes us look weak and afraid of radical Islamists in general.  It also makes us look dishonest, and it insults the intelligence of everyone Obama aims to impress.  This kind of exercise asks Muslims to engage in intellectual dishonesty, rather than challenge them to oppose the radical Islamists in their midst and defeat that ideology.” No, the problem is that the new White House doesn’t consider as a priority winning the war of ideas against the Jihadists. Does anyone consider what would have happened if in WWII the Allies wouldn’t have wanted to win the war of ideas against Nazism? :x
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